1 Samuel 9:15-10:1; Acts 7:30-43; Luke 22:39-51


Luke 22:43 — Then an angel appeared to Him from heaven, strengthening Him.


Most of our fields were hilly. We had one field near the creek that was very flat and surrounded by trees or hills. It was mid-summer and the corn needed to be cultivated. Dad sent me to that flat field to do the job. I enjoyed cultivating, and doing it on a flat field seemed like a treat. However, I forgot my water jug. The temperature approached 5,000 degrees, there was not a trace of a breeze, and the bindweed kept clogging up the shovels. In no time I was drenched with sweat, parched for thirst, and totally frustrated! To top it off, as I slid under the shovels to clean out the bindweed, one of the shovels ripped my jeans and sliced into my leg, making me think I’d probably bleed to death. Fortunately it was only a flesh wound and I didn’t die. I had to take a breathing break because the tractor fumes in the still hot air were getting to me. That was when Mom drove up - my angel of mercy - with a nice cool jug of water, a snack, and encouragement.  That kept me going. Jesus saw the pain, the suffering, and the cross about to overtake Him. Drenched in huge drops of sweat, He continued to pray for God’s will to be done. The messenger from His Father appeared, not with a cool jug of water, but the strengthening encouragement He needed to face whatever cup He would have to drink. Have you considered asking for God’s strength when you are at the edge of your own limits? The Psalmist said it best: You prepare a table before in the presence of my enemies, you anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows. Ps 23:5


During these hot summer months, dear Lord, many times I thirst for your cool water. Let me also thirst for your word appreciate the refreshment that it gives. Thank you for strengthening and refreshing me by giving me encouragement. I pray this in the name of the water of life, Jesus my Christ. Amen.