cleaningIt’s very fun for me that some of you are reading through the Bible this year along with me.  I’m really looking forward to sharing comments, thoughts and insights back and forth either through the facebook fan page, or by e-mail. It’s already been a blessing to me and I’m certain it will be for you too. If you decide to join us at some point, just check out “Reading Plans” for a good spot and jump in any time.

Speaking of blessings, there has been another!  Last year I began to really notice how the clutter in my house and the drudgery of my daily routines around home were bogging me down. I spent a few weeks trying to get a handle on it myself which only resulted in noticing how bogged down I was.

Thankfully, I was reminded by my sister and niece of a website I first heard of several years ago (Thank-you, Christina!). is a place for motivating and organizing all of us who are responsible for making a house a home.  I tend to be skeptical so I’ve been half-hearted in following her daily routines and habits, but I’ve already noticed a positive difference.  It seems odd to me that even in my 40’s it takes someone telling me to “go reboot your laundry,” “do 15 minutes of some kind of physical exercise,” etc. to get me off my butt and doing what I need to be doing. Sometimes I laugh out loud when she asks “What’s for dinner?” and I’m surprised that I should know the answer.  It’s also surprising how doing a little bit makes a big difference.

Her baby steps to eliminate the CHAOS [Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome] from our homes and to FLY [Finally Loving Yourself] are encouraging, doable and have brought more peace to my heart and calm to my home.  She frequently repeats, “Set your timer and work for 15 minutes. That's all. It did not get junked up in one day and it won't get clean in one day either. Patience and Baby Steps. You can do this.”  That’s good for me to hear.

Thank-you, Flylady, for all your positive encouragement!

Simply Susan