joyThis Gospel describes Christ's deity and John's testimony to the fact that He is the Son of God. He uses the label Logos (word) for Christ because the concept of the title symbolizes God's revelation of Himself to humanity. He is the world's Creator and has the ability to do anything. In this Gospel, there are three keywords.

  1. Belief is mentioned 98 times in this Gospel, but only 29 times in the others.
  2. Life is mentioned 34 times in this story and 13 times in the other Gospels.
  3. The word "signs" appears 17 times in this Gospel. It is frequently translated as "miracle" in the other Gospels, where it appears only 28 times. Scholars agree that Jesus Christ performed 37 miracles, and I will tell you about his first miracle. Through this miracle, He revealed His splendor, His disciples believed in Him, and He began His ministry.

Cana (kana) of Galilee is a small settlement near Nazareth in Galilee. It appears four times in John's Gospel (2:1, 11. 4:46. 21:2) and nowhere else in the Bible. It was in Galilee's heights, as one had to descend from there to Capernaum. Nazareth is about 8 kilometers away. "Kefr kana" is the name given to it at the moment. There is now a lovely church in the same house where Jesus performed His first miracle. Many people came to see the wedding Church and remember this miraculous event.

Background: Jesus and His mother were invited to a wedding by some close friends or relatives. Jesus and His disciples attended this wedding. At the wedding, Mary had a unique place. She was concerned when the wine ran out, so she had everything to do with the arrangements. Then, the wedding ceremony took place late in the evening after a feast. A newlywed couple stayed at home for a week and opened their home to the public, and they were greeted as King and Queen. This week of celebration and joy was one of the most memorable. That was the pinnacle of their joy when the wine was about to run out, and it was exceedingly embarrassing when the arrangements were not up to par.

Significance of wine for a Jewish feast, wine was essential. The Rabbis say (there is no joy without wine) that wine is the symbol of joy. (Ps. 104:15 and Jud. 9:14 ). Teaching lesson. The family was concerned about the situation, particularly Jesus' Mother, who was concerned because the passage indicates that she was responsible for it. Still, she knows that her son can restore the joy. That's when Jesus changed water into wine, and when the chief guest tasted it, he declared it the greatest wine he'd ever tasted. Everyone was astounded when He transformed the water into the finest wine. Jesus changed the water into wine to symbolize His atonement. Just as He offers wine to everyone, He offers His blood to the world. There is some Good News for those who will take His blood: he will be happy. Christ is the person who can bring back your joy; if you are disappointed and not happy with your life, believe in Him. He has the power to get back your joy and give you satisfaction, and that is through His grace. Turning the water into wine is a picture of God's Grace; we should invite Jesus to our wedding life parties, and He will fulfill our needs. The presence of Christ is crucial. Without Him, there is no joy. As a servant of the Lord, I request to my readers to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. He can bring joy to your life. He has the power to change the circumstances. (AMEN)

Rev. Suneel Barkat
Pastor Barkat is a graduate of Punjab University. After receiving a call to ministry in 1999 he attended Gujranwala Theological Seminary, graduating in 2003 with a Master of Divinity (His thesis covered a Biblical model of house churches.) Upon graduating he started pastoral ministry with the Anglican Church and was ordained in 2004, working within that church in different positions until mid 2015 when he got the opportunity for a short training program on Pneumatology from South Korea. Suneel currently is a visiting teacher in an evangelical Bible College empowered by Korean Mission in Pakistan, as well as doing independent teaching and preaching ministry. He has established many Bible study groups and I have passion to preach in remote areas of Pakistan.