Poppies- photo by Susan PageFollowing Sunday morning services, many in our congregation go to the gym for coffee/tea/ and fellowship. This is the morning highlight for those needing their coffee fix. I am not a coffee/tea drinker, so there are Sundays when I take part, and others when I do not. I want to share the story of one occasion during the after-service social time that had a lasting effect on my life.

Walking into the gym, I was immediately drawn to a young man standing alone. The Spirit prompted me to go and speak to him. I hesitated but again felt a prompting.

I walked across the gym and offered a handshake and a smile. His face lit up. We chatted, and I discovered that he was a new Christian. Since I led a home group, I asked him if he was engaged in one. When he replied that he was not, I invited him to join us that evening because we were starting a new study. I walked away hoping this young man would join our fellowship because I sensed he needed to be encouraged in his faith.

He called that afternoon asking if he could come and “try” it out for the evening. After the first meeting, he was faithful in attending, and we were blessed with his friendship. He overflowed with enthusiasm, asked plenty of questions, and kept us on our toes. He always came prepared and added a delightful dimension to our small group family.

The ending of this story is quite a surprise because this young man is now my son-in-law. A simple walk across the gym accomplished remarkable things for God’s Kingdom. The bonus was gaining a brother in Christ, a wonderful friend, and an amazing son-in-law.

What have I learned from this and other experiences of obeying the Spirit? God rewards you beyond your wildest expectations, hopes or dreams. If you are willing to put yourself out there and engage with people outside your comfort zone, you will never be bored. There are new stories to hear and connections to make that will change your heart and the heart of the person you reached out to.

“Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit” (Galatians 5:25).Susan PageSusan Page is friend of Pastor Tim and Susan's. For many years she has written devotionals for the National Prayer Guide of the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada where she serves as their Church Relations Coordinator / Health Benefits Manager.