God Speaking Devotionals

  • piano 2If you visit St. Andrew’s in Victoria, you will find an upright Bell piano with a brass plaque that tells the story of how God sent a piano across the country to find a son in exile.

    David Vuckson comes annually to tune our piano at West Shore, a new church in Victoria’s western suburbs. When he does, I enjoy looking over his shoulder at the action of the piano that he donated. David enjoys talking about piano construction, and particularly about ours—a Gerhard Heintzman upright.

    David was here in Dec. 2008 and pointed out: “Your piano is in remarkably good shape for its age.” We were within a few weeks of our piano’s 100th birthday.

    “We should have a birthday party,” I suggested to David. “And how about you come and tell the story of the piano and how it changed your life?”