Answered Prayer

  • keys and remoteOn Friday I had mentioned that my keys, all of them (car, apartment and church keys) had gone missing. There were 2 electronic key fobs, and keys that would not have been easy to replace that promised me no end of irritation and expense.

    I have been asking the Lord (rather sheepishly) to help me find them. But I had planned on beginning the process of replacing them on Monday. Today, after our church service in Chinatown was over, I moved over to our other building to join our Lunch Fellowship small group. On the way over, I noticed an older man who appeared like so many others I have seen walking by. Unkempt, unshaven and talking to himself. As I passed by him I heard him muttering something like “found some keys”. The words didn’t register in my head until after I entered the building. When the words hit me, I jumped back outside the door, hoping the man was still there, and he was. I quickly got his attention and asked him, “Did you just say you found some keys?”