Spelling Jokes

  • bakerHow could a baker not know how flower is spelt?

  • bathroom sinkThanks to Norma K. Appel for sending today's CleanLaugh. 

    Dear Pastor Tim, this is a true story.

    It was Thanksgiving day and my friend's hall bathroom was not working.

    She had another bathroom off the master bedroom so she asked her pre-teen daughter to put a sign on the hall bathroom door and then close it.

  • paper penSo what if I can't spell Armiggedon? It's not the end of the world.

  • checkbox2If something's worth doing, it's worth doing rihgt.

  • classroomWhile my third-grade class was completing a writing exercise, one of the students asked me how to spell "piranha."

    I told him I was unsure. To my delight, he went to the dictionary to solve his problem.

    That's when I overheard another pupil say to him,

    "Why bother to look it up? She doesn't know how to spell it anyway."