Art Puns

  • glue stickGlue stick: is that redundant or an epoxymoron? 

  • living roomIn the room the curtains were drawn: the rest of the furniture was real.

  • theatre"You call this a musical?" asked Les miserably.

  • origami craneI was going to watch the origami world championships before it folded...

    but it was only on paper view.

  • Theatre Stage PunDuring the performance of a high school drama class at the local theatre, the stage floor was damaged resulting in a distinct hole.

    Subsequent acts managed to avoid the damaged area until Billy, juggling bowling pins, accidentally stepped through the hole up to his knee.

    He apologized to the audience for his clumsiness. But a heckler in the back of the theatre shouted:

    "Don't worry, Billy! It's just a stage you're going through!"

  • man2I've decided to join a mime troupe. No telling what will happen.

  • shakespeare booksAfter the London Playwrights Guild found out what Shakespeare was up to, he was bard for life.

  • To err is human, to love divine and moreTo err is human; to purr, feline.
    To err is human; two curs, canine.

    To err is human; to do nothing, benign.
    To err is human; to quit, resign.

    To err is human; to howl, lupine.
    To err is human; to solve, design.

    To err is human; to moo, bovine.
    To err is human; to soothe, calamine.

  • potterIf a bearded man makes vases is he a hairy potter?

  • theatreI did a theatrical performance about puns.

    It was a play on words.