God's Penman

Chillin Ain’t What I Thought It Was
Chocolate Is My Favorite Health Food
Christmas Is More Than Jingle, Jingle
Coffee Without Coffee Just Ain’t Coffee
Crow is Also a Dish Served By Children
Cultivating the Fine Art of Casual Loafing
Dad Had A Special Christmas Tradition
Daylight-Saving Time Is Not Quite Like Money In The Bank
Dead-to-the-World Man Walking
Did I Just Blow My Cover?
Did I Just Call Myself?
Did I Tell You The Story…?
Did Someone Just Hack My Thermometer?
Doctors Are Always Right
Does know something I don't?
Don't Judge a Person by Their Cover-up
Don't Mess With My Morning Coffee
Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Makes A Man Want To Cry
Eating Leftover Turkey is No Baloney
Eating Out Of My Comfort Zone
Enough Is Enough and I've Had Enough
Every Dilemma Has a Silver Blessing
Everything New Gets Old Too Soon
Everything old is getting older still
Farewell to the Fifties
Financial Tip Of The Week: Pay Attention
Finding “Good” In Our World Is Challenging
Finding a Cure for Textaholics
For Some, Easter is a Hop and a Skip
For Whom the School Bells Toll
Friendly Skies Turn Hostile In The 'Toilette'
From One Turkey to Another
Germed and Frightfully Dangerous
Get me to the airport on time
Getting Away With It Is Half the Fun
Getting Old Is Not for Sissies
Getting Through the Longest Month of the Year
Giggle The Pounds Away With Laughtercise
Give Us This Day Our Turkey . . . Again
Giving Credit Where Credit is Due
Go Ahead, Call Me If You Dare
God's Greatest Creative Work
Good Intentions Are Only as Good as the Intender
Grandpa always said, 'The Devil Is In De Tales
Grief is My Traveling Companion
Guess Who Elected To Disturb My Dinner?
Ha, Ha, I Knew I Was Right!
Hallelujah, It IS a Scam
Hallelujah… She’s Baaaaack
Has Anyone Seen My Castle Lately?