God's Penman

Good Intentions Are Only as Good as the Intender
Grandpa always said, 'The Devil Is In De Tales
Green Thumb Versus Black and Blue Thumb
Grief is My Traveling Companion
Guess Who Elected To Disturb My Dinner?
Ha, Ha, I Knew I Was Right!
Hallelujah, It IS a Scam
Hallelujah… She’s Baaaaack
Has Anyone Seen My Castle Lately?
Has Anyone Seen My Marbles?
Have Mouth, Will Stutter
Have Nose, Will Sneeze
Have You Seen My Glasses? And Other Trick Questions
Having a “Rice” Time in the Philippines
He Is Risen, Indeed Sir, Glory-Hallelujah-Amen.
Hearing and Listening Are Not Necessarily the Same
Here We Go Again; The Art of Redundancy
Home Has Never Been Sweeter
How am I? Let me Tell You!
How Amnesia Has Improved My Quality of Life
How Did the Devil Get My Cell Phone Number?
How fast the shades of summer have faded
How Many Mondays Are There in One Week?
How Much Coffee Is Too Much Coffee?
How Much Does a Politician Really Cost?
How NOT to Decorate a Christmas Tree
How Old is Too Old
How Time Flies When I Am In A Hurry
How To Cash In On Your ?Ailment Capital'
How To Have An Argument With Yourself And Win
How to Live with a Veggie-Holic
How To Ruin A Perfectly Good Day
How To Spend A Romantic Evening At The Parsonage
How to Spend an Extra Day
How To Tell That You Are Getting Old
How to Trick Summer into Coming Early
Hurricanes Have Gone But Political Winds Are Blowing"
I Ain’t 16 Anymore
I Dedicate This Ice Cream Sundae To Thee
I Didn’t Do It My Way
I Didn’t Know How Young I Really Was
I Didn’t Win $750 Million
I Don't Believe in Karma
I Don’t Get Headaches, I Give Them
I Don’t Miss My Teacher’s Hickory Stick, but She Never Did
I Enjoy a Mess, Especially Mine
I Fell for It… Again
I Hate My Computer and Other Inspirational Thoughts
I Just Kissed Yesterday Goodbye
I Love a Mystery When It's a Mystery