God's Penman

It's Not My Father's World Anymore
It’s a Soap Opera World, Or Is It
It’s All Over But The Lying
It’s Hard for Me to Conceal a Giggle
It’s Hot… And I Love It
It’s My Tongue, I’ll Wag It If I Want To
It’s Not Always What It Seems
Items Not on My New Year's Resolution List
Junk Is a Matter of Personal Definition
Just The Fax, M'am
Just When I Think I Got Everything Covered
King of My Castle for a Day
Kitty On The Outside Or A Tree Frog On The Inside
Knock, Knock; Someone’s in Trouble
Laughter in Any Other Language Is Just Not Funny
Laughter Is Not for Sissies
Lazy Does Have Its Advantages
Learn To Recognize The Source of All Blessings
Let Freedom Wring its Hands in Anguish
Let's Get Ready to Grumble
Let's have a Fourth of July Picnic
Let's Play Follow the Weaver
Life Does Have Its Compensations – Occasionally
Loco Pastor Burns His Hand in Loud Protest
Looking for Money in All the Wrong Pockets
Love Bugs Are Really Not That Loving
Love Is Sometimes a Little Off
Malice In ?I Wonder Who I Am? Land
Maybe We Should Go Back To Smoke Signal Communications
Merry is as Merry Celebrates
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Stop Laughing
Mistress of the Parsonage Caught Kissing Santa!
Mom's Cooking Was Nothing To Write Home About
Mother Nature’s Cold Shoulder Revenge
Mothers' Universal Contribution to Society
Mr. Cold, Please Go Away
Mr. Politician, Leave the Middle-Class Alone
My Advice: Twice Is Just As Nice
My Barbershop Quandary
My Favorite Day of the Week Is Tomorrow
My Final Last Words, Finally, Well Almost
My Grandfather and that New Contraption… The Telephone.
My Grandmother's Old King James Bible
My Little Dear, It’s Not Warm Outside!
My Mirror Doesn't Lie, But Sometimes It Giggles
My Mother Was Wrong About Spinach
My Mother's Amazing Meatloaf Mystery
My Ongoing Grudge with Santa
My Sneeze is No Gentle Breeze
My Somber Longing for Summer