God's Penman

Romance Around The Parsonage Fireplace
Santa Claus Hasn’t Received My Letter Yet!
Seeing Can Be Rather Expensive
Shivering Me Time Away
Silence of the Phones
Slow Down and Enjoy the Journey
Slow Is Just the Way I Go
So You Think You Can Pray
So, This Is How The World Ends
So, this is summer, is it?
Some Mysteries Are Tough To Solve
Some Patriotic Reflections for the Fourth of July
Some Things Are Just Personal
Some Things are Simply Irreplaceable
Somebody Tell Victoria Her Secret Is Out
Something Seems to Be Missing
Sometimes Life Is Like A Jelly-Filled Donut
Spring Fever Differs In Single And Married Women.
Spring Has Sprung a Leak This Year
Springing Into a New Season
Still In Love After All These Years
Stuck between a Virus and a Varmint
Tell Santa I Tried To Be Nice
Temptation Is Oh So Tempting
Thanks For Those Memories I've Remembered
Thanksgiving Quandary: Roast Turkey or Lame Duck
The Alleged Warrant For My Arrest
The Amazing Grace of "Do-Over," the Art of Second Chance
The Art and Craftiness of Grandfatherhood
The Art Of Balancing The Parsonage Checkbook
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Ususally Involve Cheese
The Blossoming Flower Whisperer
The BOGO Queen Has Left the Building
The Buck Stops Here and Other Political Gibberish
The Christmasfication of our Home
The Difference Between a Fool and Being Full
The Easter Bunny That Got Away
The End of all Nonsense and Other Practical Jokes
The Endless Flow of Ink
The Exquisite Art of Shutting Up
The Foundation of a Good Family is Sometimes Rocky
The Good, the Bad, and the Grouchy
The Great American Past Time; Watching
The High Cost Of Speaking Your Mind
The Illusive Art of Catching Up
The Last Hurrah of Summer
The Last of the Summer Whine
The Lion and the Lamb Controversy
The Many Excuses of a Man in His Mid-Life Crisis
The Merrification of Christmas