God's Penman

Welcome To 2008: The Year Of The Party Animal
Well, Here We Go Again
What Did She Just Say?
What Did We Know before Facebook?
What Do I Do if I Catch My Tail?
What Holiday Does a Holiday Tree Celebrate?
What It Was, Was a Hummingbird
What It Was, Was a Peach Tree
What It Was, Was Fruitcake
What the World Needs Today Are Fathers
What Time is it Really?
What Whine Goes With Cooked Goose?
What Would the World Be without Apple Fritters?
What Would We Do without Rain?
What's All These Gadgets For?
What's in a name, anyway?
What’s Pete Got to Do with Anything?
What’s so Cool about a Cucumber?
What’s so Peasy About Easy?
Whatever Happened to an Old-Fashioned Handshake?
Whatever Happened to Cute?
Whatever Happened to the Simple Things in Life?
When All Is Said and Done, I'm Still Confused
When Everything Fails, It’s Over
When Everything Goes My Way
When I’m beside Myself, I’m in Bad Company
When Is It Okay to Be Snarly?
When Trouble Comes a Knocking, Don't Answer the Door
When You Come to the End of the Trail
When You Don't Know What To Do, You Can Always Pray
Where Do Politicians Come From and Can They Be Returned?
Where Do Wrinkles Come From?
Where Do You Look When She’s Lost Her Voice?
Where Does Santa Get His Naughty or Nice List?
Where Have All the Clowns Gone?
Where Have All the Fathers Gone?
Where Have All the Men in White Hats Gone?
Where in the World Does Time Go?
Where Is Porky Pig When You Need Him?
Where Oh Where Is My Hair?
Where’s Sherlock Holmes When You Need Him?
Wherever They Are I Will Find Them
Who Doesn’t Like A Girl Scout Cookie?
Who Made The First New Year's Resolution?
Who's Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader?
Why are powerful men drawn to prostitution?
Why Childhood is Better the Second Time Around
Why Did God Give Rudolph a Red Nose?
Why Did God Give Us Winter?
Why Did I Ever Grow Up?