Trust Devotionals

  • child and dadGod uses little people
    to do things needing done,
    And since he lives inside of us,
    He and us are one.

    God wants to use our bodies,
    Our feet and hands and heart,
    To do his tasks is what he asks,
    And now we need to start.

  • alphabet2Although things are not perfect

    Because of trial or pain

    Continue in thanksgiving

    Do not begin to blame.

    Even when the times are hard

  • hand shakeI must confess I do have some old-fashioned biases. I would be the first to admit I’m not up to date on the latest fad or trend.

    I come from that era that believed the well-dressed man is one that doesn’t stand out from everybody else. I’ve tried to keep to that all these years. I certainly don’t want to stand out and have people recognize me or point their finger at me and whispered to each other.

    For years, I’ve been very careful about that. Now, it seems that because I try to dress like a well-dressed man and not stand out I am in fact standing out. Nobody, except me and two other people, really care about being well-dressed.