Hotel Jokes

  • hotel front desk bellA man and his wife had been traveling for 18 hours when they decided to stop for a few hours to rest. They checked into a nice hotel and slept for four hours. 

    When they were ready to continue their trip, they went downstairs to pay their bill. The desk clerk handed them a bill for $350. The man exploded, and said the bill was too high, asking to see the manager. The manager met them at the front desk and explained that the hotel had an Olympic size pool and a nice conference room and they were available for the couple's use. "But we didn't use them!" the man complained.

  • motel signOne night at an economy motel, I ordered a 6:00 a.m. wake-up call.

    The next morning, I awoke before 6:00, but the phone did not ring until 6:30.

    "Good morning," a young man said sheepishly. "This is your wake-up call."

    Annoyed, I let the motel worker have it.

    "You were supposed to call me at 6:00 AM!" I complained. "What if I had a million-dollar deal to close this morning, and your oversight made me miss out on it?"

    "Well, sir," the desk clerk quickly replied, "if you had a million-dollar deal to close, you probably wouldn't be staying in this motel!"

  • bed2Because of back problems, each night I lie on the floor and do exercises.

    Once when we stopped at a motel, as I started my exercise, something under the bed caught my eye.

    It was a card, on which was written "Yes, we do clean under here, too."