Funny Dog Pictures

  • Auto Tuned Dog

    Auto Tuning (according to wikipedia) is "a proprietary audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies. Auto-Tune uses a phase vocoder to correct pitch in vocal and instrumental performances. It is used to disguise off-key inaccuracies and mistakes, and has allowed singers to perform perfectly tuned vocal tracks without the need of singing in tune."

    For a fun example of the above, check out this great video of an auto tuned dog.


  • Babysitter Resume

    Somebody didn't read
    their babysitter's resume very close.

    babysitter resume

  • Bad Dog

    Who's a Bad Dog?

    Funny Dog Joke Picutre of Who's a bad dog?

  • Bat Dog

    At least she didn't make me Catwoman.

    Funny Picture of Dog dressed in Batman costume, not Catwoman.

  • Breakfast with Ginger

    Enjoy your breakfast with Ginger - a very happy, eager and hospitable golden retriever.

  • Can't Eat

    Morris' theory was
    you can't eat what you can't see.

    Funny Cat Pictures -  and Dog Play Fighting

  • Cat Cookie Thief

    One more thing blamed on the dog.

    cat cookie thief

  • Cats Stealing Dog Beds

    Depending on your perspective either cats rule and dogs drool or cat's are rude and dogs are cool!


  • Cheer Dog

    "Yeah, whatever. How come the cat doesn't ever have to dress up?"

    Funny Picture of Cheerleader Dog

  • Christmas Domi

    Domi was so over the snowmen's attitudes.dog christmas domi

  • Comb Over Dog

    You're never too small to consider revenge.

    a funny dog comb over picture

  • Cotton Candy Dog

    That's the last time I lean over into the cotton candy machine.


  • Death Star

    A death stare for the Death Star.

    picture of a dog death star

  • Dog and Cat Agents

    Rover needed a better agent.

    Funny Cat Pictures -  and Dog In Baskets

  • Dog Angel

    George's owner
    was high maintenance.

    Funny Pictures of Dog Dressed Like Angel

  • Dog Baby Lick

    Little Jimmy was having a flashback to Great Aunt Edna's yearly visit.

    Funny Pictures of Dog Licking Baby's Face

  • Dog Baby Lick 2

    Here, I'll get that for you.

    Funny Pictures of Dog Licking Baby's Face

  • Dog Bees

    You can't believe everything you hear.

    Picture of Dog Stung By Bees

  • Dog Beg

    When this dog begs - this dog BEGS! 

    Funny Jokes Picture of a Dog Begging

  • Dog Beg 2

    Lance's pets thought he was going too far
    with this "beg for your food" thing.

    Funny Pictures of a cat, dog, and mice doing tricks.

  • Dog Birthday

    Alyssa was not happy
    about her birthday.

    Funny Pictures of Dog With Birthday Cupcake

  • Dog Block

    "No, I specifically said, 'Walk the dog around the block!'"

    Funny Jokes Picture of Dog with Square Haircut

  • Dog Bubble

    Unfortunately, Rufus was looking
    more like his master every day.

    Funny Pictures of Sleeping Dog Blowing Bubble

  • Dog Buddy System

    When swimming,
    remember to use the buddy system.

    Funny Pictures of Dog Wearing Lifesaver

  • Dog Car Alarm

    Freddy's car wasn't worth much,
    but that still didn't keep him from buying
    a three dog car alarm for it.

    Funny Pictures of Three Dog Car Alarm

  • Dog Cat Diplomacy 2

    And that's when FiFi decided to try diplomacy with Joe.

    Funny Cat Pictures -  and Dog Stalemate

  • Dog Chair Hog

    Tiny is no longer allowed
    to sleep in the bed with her owners.

    Funny Pictures of Dog Hogging Love Seat

  • Dog Coaster

    Stay Coaster! Good boy.


  • Dog Cookbook

    Why cats should not be allowed to work in bookstores.


  • Dog Cough

    Ah yes . . . . There's nothing like a kiss
    that lingers on your lips.

    Funny Pictures of Baby Coughing After Dog Kiss

  • Dog Curlers

    As soon as she heard the camera click,
    Lucky knew she would never live this down.

    Funny Pictures of Dog with Hair in Curlers

  • Dog Customs Puppies

    Trust No One!

    Funny Pictures of Customs Dogs Sniffing Each Other.

  • Dog Cutbacks

    Cutbacks added to
    Rex's responsibilities in the K9 unit.

    Funny Pictures of A Dog Driving a K9 Police Car

  • Dog Deforestation

    Deforestation is becoming a more obvious problem.


  • Dog Dentures

    Found them, Grandma!

    Funny Pictures of Dog With Dentures in Mouth

  • Dog Dish Sharing

    This is why some people say, "Our Dog is just like one of our children."


  • Dog Do Everything

    Prince was beginning to feel like he had to do everything.

    Funny Pictures of Hunting Dog with Shot Gun and Kill

  • Dog Face

    A face only a mother could love.

    (BTW, this dog's name is Max and he is available for adoption through the Oregon Humane Society. Thanks to Cindy D. for referring me to this funny picture.)

    Funny Jokes Picture of Dog Face

  • Dog Feeders

    Usually it's hard to get kids
    to feed the dog.

    dog feeders

  • Dog Fetch Fails

    This funny dog video shows dogs for the lunky, adorable animals they are as they try and FAIL to fetch.

  • Dog Gang

    Snake drew the short straw
    and had to walk the gang's dogs that day.

    Funny Jokes Pictures of a Tatooed Man walking little dogs.

  • Dog Georgia

    Geeeooorgia . . .

    Funny Pictures of Dog With Sunglasses

  • Dog Glare

    News Flash!!! Dog shelters switch to non-glare monitors in wake of SPCA medical test results.

    Funny Pictures of Dog with Big Eyes

  • Dog Grace

    Funny Pictures of Dog Praying Grace


  • Dog Grin

    Deep down, Harry knew
    his dog was mocking him.

    Funny Pictures of Mocking Dog Grinning

  • Dog Growth

    Two more days until
    the vet removed that growth off of Rex.

    Funny Pictures of Dog With Dalmation Puppy on Shoulder

  • Dog Hare Piece

    Here, I'll get that for you.

    Funny Pictures of Dog With Rabbit On Head

  • Dog Horse

    The Raelians are at it again!

    Funny Jokes Picture of Dog With Horse Rider On Back

  • Dog House

    His own house, in front of the cat's,
    was little consolation.

    Funny Pictures of Dog House Mansion

  • Dog Human Face

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: "Won't somebody do something about the Raelians?!"

    Funny Pictures of Dog With Human Face