Medieval Puns

  • sword in the stone punOnly the true king could remove the sword from the stone... no one else could... they didn't have... arthurization.

  • caesarHow was the Roman Empire cut in half?

    With a pair of Caesars.

  • picture of knight joustingYou mean you've never knocked a guy off a horse with a lance before?

    Surely you joust!

  • living roomHey Archimedes, I love what you've done with displace!

  • trojan horseA Spanish King was being attacked constantly by warlords. He called his advisors together and asked them to come up with a solution.

    One said, "Remember the Greeks and the Trojan Horse?"

    "Let's find out what the warlords like and we'll do the same trick."

    "We know they won't eat pork, so a pig is not the answer. Chickens! They love chickens and eggs."