Regeneration Quotes

  • Martin Lloyd-Jones Quote

    "If you do not believe in regeneration, if you do not see its utter absolute necessity, then I do not see that you have any right to regard yourself as a Christian. If you do not see that you are so lost that nothing but receiving new life from God can reconcile you and take you to heaven, then you are lacking at a vital point, a point that is integral and belongs to the very integrity of faith."
    - Martyn Lloyd-Jones

  • quote 1592

    "What! Get to Heaven on your own strength? You might as well try to climb to the moon on a rope of sand!"

    - George Whitefield

  • quote 1600

    "I do not understand the mystery of grace; only that it meets us where we are and doesn't leave us where it found us."

    - Anne Lamott

  • We want our morality to save us.

    “I know why I want my morality to save me. If I’m saved by my good works, then like a taxpayer, I have rights. I’ve paid into the system and God owes me a good and decent life. And there is a limit to what the Father can ask of me. But if I’m saved by sheer grace, then my life belongs entirely to the Father, he owes me nothing and there is no limit to what he can ask of me.”

    - a brand new follower of Jesus

  • Timothy Keller Quote

    "God invites us to come as we are, not to stay as we are."

    - Tim Keller

  • A quote about how the gospel spreads.

    "The gospel spreads as a seed, not a potted plant."

    - Unknown

  • quote 1730

    "When he called his society together, Jesus gave its members a new way of life to live. 

    • He gave them a new way to deal with offenders - by forgiving them;
    • He gave them a new way to deal with violence - by suffering;
    • He gave them a new way to deal with money - by sharing it;
    • He gave them a new way to deal with problems of leadership - by drawing upon the gift of every member, even the most humble;
    • He gave them a new way to deal with a corrupt society - by building a new order, not smashing the old;
    • He gave them a new pattern of relationship between man and woman, between parent and child, between master and slave, in which was made concrete a radical new vision of what it means to be a human person."

    - Stanley Hauerwas