Beauty Illustrations

  • old ladyAn older woman and her little grandson, whose face was sprinkled with bright freckles, spent the day at the zoo. Lots of children were waiting in line to get their cheeks painted by a local artist who was decorating them with tiger paws.

    "You've got so many freckles, there's no place to paint!" a little girl in the line said to the little fella. Embarrassed, the little boy dropped his head.

  • Missed OpportunityPreparing for a tag sale at our house, my wife and I decided to put out a mirror we'd received as a wedding gift. Because of its garish aqua colored metal frame we just couldn't find a room in our house where it looked good. Shortly after the tag sale started, a man looking to decorate his apartment bought it for one dollar.

    "This is a great deal," he said excitedly. "It still has the plastic on it."

    Then he peeled off the aqua colored protective covering to reveal a beautiful gold finished frame.

  • What makes a girl beautiful?Do you love me because I am beautiful or I am I beautiful because you love me?

  • A thought-provoking quote about beauty

    "The Christian worldview insists that the face of a child with Down syndrome is infinitely more beautiful than an airbrushed model on the cover of a fashion magazine."

    - Albert Mohler

  • mountain lakeThank You, GOD for everything
    I've experienced here on earth.
    Thank You for protecting me
    from the moment of my birth.

    And Thank You for the beauty
    around me everywhere,
    The gentle rain and glistening dew,
    the sunshine and the air.

  • dandylionHe was just a little boy, on a week's first day.
    He was wandering home from Sunday School, and dawdling on the way.

    He scuffed his shoes into the grass; he found a caterpillar.
    He found a fluffy milkweed pod, and blew out all the "filler."

    A bird's nest in a tree overhead, so wisely placed on high.
    Was just another wonder that caught his eager eye.