Fun Blog

  • Somebody has to change out that light bulb at the top of those tall TV towers!

  • This amazing water experiment shows how much fun you can have at 24 frames per second (24fps).

  • So your sister is going in to have her wisdom teeth removed and is going to be pretty drugged afterwards.  As her brother you can gently take care of her or you can prank her into believing a zombie apocalypse.  The brothers in this video made the right choice.

  • This is augmented reality sandbox is definitely not you grandfather's sandbox!

  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching babies going through tunnels. One has to wonder if their reactions are due to a short or a long memory span.

  • Here is a great recipe for laughter; take one baby, add a dog, and then add some popcorn. Mix all three in a video and enjoy the laughter and good feelings that follow.

  • It might be safe to say that puppets have seen their day (unless you are talking to someone with a puppet on their hand), but these puppets buck that trend as they sing the Christmas story Bohemian Rhapsody style.

  • I don't know why this big marble run machine is so satisfying to watch, but it is!

  • This video is evidence that the good folks at Boston Dynamics have apparently never seen any of the movies where technology rises up and tries to exterminate the human race. On the plus side, they are helping give us a better idea of what the machines that are going to snuff our lives out will look like - especially if we only fight back with hockey sticks!

  • We used to celebrate "bring your kid to work day" but thanks to the internet and telecommuting we can now celebrate "bring your work to kids day!"

  • Apparently, if you want to surprise a kid with a trip to the circus, there are better ways than telling him you are going to a broccoli farm.

  • Here is another way to celebrate the 4th of July - by making some cars fly!

  •  For some great, heart-warming laughter check out this video of one woman's enjoyment of a Chewbacca mask she bought herself for her birthday.

  • You never know what to expect from a bouncing ball.

  • Whether you like to watch trains or not - this CN Rail train plowing through the snow is amazing footage!  Kudos to the guy who let the snow hit is camera in order to get the whole shot.

  • This little boy's first taste of bacon expresses what so many of us already know.

  •  Here's a wave pool you may enjoy swimming in - or not!

  • Excuse me, sir, but you are flying low.

  • Are you bothered by the increased use of drones in city limits?  No Problem - just get yourself a hawk!

  • It seems we've been cutting cakes incorrectly for a very long time. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

  • If you like jazz and you like cows you will find this video simply bovine.

  • Happiest skipping girl we've ever seen!

  • Do you sometimes feel awkward or embarrassed by your struggle with technology that children seem to have no problem with?

    If so give them a tape cassette play and cheer up!

  • Any description of this video of goats competing in this king of the hill competition would fall short of satisfaction, so just sit back, watch and enjoy!

  • The guy at the end sums it up the best, "It's fun to knock those bigs rocks down; it's very fun."

  • Whether or not you like Victorian candy, I think you'll like this video of Victorian Candy being made.

  • This freestyle yo-yo performance is definitely not old school yo-yoing (rhymes with "going" - not "boing")!

  • Here is a fun and inspiring look at our home, planet earth, from 1 million miles away.

  • Gymnastics clown, Paul Hunt, is no slouch on the balance beam - except maybe when he is hanging underneath it.

  • Enjoy the talented and funny gymnast, Paul Hunt, performing this floor exercise.

  • A wonderful video of the talented and hilarious gymnast, Paul Hunt, on the uneven bars.

  • The invention of "printed magnets" is going to revolutionize the use of magnets like LED has revolutionized the use of light.

  • We could try to explain how quantum levitation works, but cutting and pasting would only make us look way smarter than we are.  So let's just simply enjoy this together!

  • Here is video evidence that Scott Sterling is one of the best goal keepers that the world of soccer has ever seen. Also, don't miss the video of his Volleyball playing skills!

  • You might recognize Scott Sterling from his amazing soccer career. This video is evidence that he is also one of the best volleyball players in the history of the game!

  • Paper marbling is a pretty amazing art form and this guy, Seyit Uygur, is clearly very good at it.

  • Skydiving - if the fall doesn't kill you maybe the meteorite will.  Yes, you read that correctly - Meteorite!

  • On March 9, 2016, a solar eclipse was witnessed starting at sunrise over Sumatra and ending at sunset north of Hawaii. This is time lapse photography of that event as seen from Satellite Himawari-8.

  • People love pie! People love music! In case you have ever wondered, here is the sound of pi in the key of A minor!

  • Nature, dogs, and many husbands abhor a vacuum. But, it seems that spinning tops love them.

  • I don't know what the funniest thing about this video is - the material itself or that it's so nonsensical that it's hard to see if this is an interview with a real politician or not.
    Of course it's not real . . . . . .or is it.

  • I don't know about you, but I get a warm feeling when I see trains plowing through cold snow.

  • We like watching dominoes falling as much as most average people, but this tripal spiral of 15,000 dominoes sure dialed our enjoyment up a notch!

  • Even if you aren't a fan of track and field, watch this race for the pure enjoyment of witnessing human triumph with a side order of some pretty entertaining race commentary. If you must skip tot he best part, go to the 3:36 point and take note of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runners and watch from there.

  • Here's an amazing marble works music machine that is handcrafted in wood with some pretty amazing precision.

    In the first video you can listen to it play.  In the second video you learn more about how it was built and works.

  • If you gather enough men together eventually they will cancel out each other's collective wisdom. Case in point,consider this episode of "You bet a hip!"