Funny Videos

  • Need a laugh - this giggling baby has a ton for you.

  • Somewhere over the rainbow, this song is being played on dogs.

  •  For some great, heart-warming laughter check out this video of one woman's enjoyment of a Chewbacca mask she bought herself for her birthday.

  • You never know what to expect from a bouncing ball.

  • This guy is an inspiration to all of us who wish we could keep our ducks in a row.  Although I'd line up too if someone yelled at me like that.

  • Do you sometimes feel awkward or embarrassed by your struggle with technology that children seem to have no problem with?

    If so give them a tape cassette play and cheer up!

  • If you gather enough men together eventually they will cancel out each other's collective wisdom. Case in point,consider this episode of "You bet a hip!"