Math Puns

  • Einstein punEinstein developed a theory about space;

    and it was about time too.

  • snakeWhat do you call a snake that is 3.14 meters long?

    A π-thon.

  • angry manI can't remember how to write 51, 6, and 500 in Roman numerals.

    I am LIVID!

  • man coldAre you cold??

    Go sit in the corner; it's 90 degrees!

    ... Isn't that acute joke?

  • Roman Numeral punI have trouble with Roman numerals until I get to 159.

    Then it CLIX.

  • hands raisedBig shout out to my fingers!

    I can always count on them.

  • onionsEngineering Fact: An opinion without 3.14 is an onion.

    You'll understand.

  • triangleGeometry: Without it life is pointless.

  • coffee cupWhen a mathematician tells you he makes a mean cup of coffee, he means average.

  • living roomHey Archimedes, I love what you've done with displace!

  • Cornbread is square.Pi R squared.

    Nooo! Pie R round; cornbread R square.

  • zeroTo the guy who invented "zero"... Thanks for nothing!

  • Playing at a playgroundWe took my sons, ages seven and five, up to Friendship Park for a picnic.

    My seven year old read the sign with all the playground rules to his brother.

    "Do not jump on the merry-go-round when in motion."

    "Go down the slide while sitting, only."

    "Only one child on a swing at a time."

  • Roman numeral number 12I can't remember what 51, 6 and 500 are in Roman numerals.

    I'm LIVID.