Marriage Devotionals

What’s Time Got to Do with It?
“What Do You Mean It’s Time to Go Home?”
A Cookie Isn’t a Cookie Unless You Can Sneak It
A Key On the Table Is Worth Many A Chuckle
A Mystery Of Murderous Distortions
And the Award Goes to
And Then It Was Friday
And Then the Thunder Roared
Animal Gifts
Apple Fritter: The Fruit of My Choice
As Summers Go, This One Is Going
Back in the Saddle Again…and Again
Be Sure Your Grin Will Find You Out
Broken Lawnmower
Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Going to the Same Store?
Casual Is Not Always Appropriate
Crabby Marriage
Did I Just Blow My Cover?
Eating Out Of My Comfort Zone
Every Dilemma Has a Silver Blessing
Financial Tip Of The Week: Pay Attention
Finding “Good” In Our World Is Challenging
Four Times at the Gate
Ha, Ha, I Knew I Was Right!
Hallelujah, It IS a Scam
Have Mouth, Will Stutter
Have You Seen My Glasses? And Other Trick Questions
Hearing and Listening Are Not Necessarily the Same
Home Has Never Been Sweeter
How to Live with a Veggie-Holic
I Don’t Get Headaches, I Give Them
I Enjoy a Mess, Especially Mine
I Fell for It… Again
I Sure Do Miss St. Sanity
I Thought but Then I Unthought
I Was Just Thinking
I’ll Do It First Thing Tomorrow
If Men Got Pregnant
In My Humble Opinion
Is This a Christmas Present or What?
Is Time a Friend or an Enemy?
It Was a Belly-Binge Kind of Day
It Was a Gobble-Gobble Kind of Day
It was an Apple Fritter Kind of Week
It’s Hard for Me to Conceal a Giggle
It’s Hot… And I Love It
Kitty On The Outside Or A Tree Frog On The Inside
Life Does Have Its Compensations – Occasionally
Looking for Money in All the Wrong Pockets
Love Bugs Are Really Not That Loving