Boyfriend Jokes

  • couple2A college senior took his new girlfriend to a football game.

    The young couple found seats in the crowded stadium and was watching the action. A substitute was put into the game, and as he was running onto the field to take his position, the boy said to his girlfriend, "Take a good look at the fellow. I expect him to be our best man next year."

    His girlfriend snuggled closer and said to the surprised young man, "That's the strangest way I ever heard of for a fellow to propose to a girl. Regardless of how you said it, I accept!"

  • couple argue2Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...(especially when you share the same major!)

    PSYCHOLOGY: Girl accuses guy of just using her as a substitute for his Mother.

    SOCIOLOGY: Each claims to have been oppressed in the relationship.

  • boyA boy is about to go on his first date, and is nervous about what to talk about. He asks his father for advice.

    The father replies: "My son, there are three subjects that always work. These are food, family, and philosophy."

    The boy picks up his date and they go to a soda shoppe. Ice-cream sundaes in front of them, they stare at each other for a long time, as the boy's nervousness builds.

  • phone2After directory assistance gave me my boyfriend's new telephone number, I dialed him -- and got a woman.

    "Is Mike there?" I asked confused.

    "Umm, he's in the shower," she responded.

    "Please tell him his girlfriend called," I said and hung up.

    When he didn't return the call, I dialed again. This time a man answered. "This is Mike," he said.

    "You're not my boyfriend!" I exclaimed.

    "I know," he replied. "That's what I've been trying to tell my wife for the past half-hour."

  • surprisedI told my girlfriend last night how much I loved her, and she said that I must have been out drinking again.

    I asked her why she would say that, and she said, "Because I'm your father."

  • Motorcycle BoyfriendOne night a teenage girl brought her new boyfriend home to meet her parents and they were appalled by his appearance: leather jacket, motorcycle boots, tattoos and pierced nose.

    Later, the parents pulled their daughter aside and confessed their concern.  "Dear," said the mother diplomatically, "he doesn't seem very nice."

    "Oh please, Mom," replied the daughter, "if he wasn't nice, why would he be doing 500 hours of community service?"

    (Her previous boyfriend drove this car.)

  • universityWhen I went with my daughter to visit a prestigious university, our student guide pointed out the nationally ranked library and state-of-the-art science facilities. She told us that the professors were the best in the world, and she recommended my daughter apply early to improve her chances for admission.

    "We get so many applicants," she boasted, "because of the stature of the school."

    After the tour I asked our guide, "So, why did you choose this school?"

    "Oh," she replied matter-of-factly, "my boyfriend goes here."

  • front porchAt the end of their first date, a young man takes the girl back to her home. Emboldened by the night, he decides to try for that important first kiss. With an air of confidence, he leans with his hand against the wall and, smiling, he says to her, "Darling, how 'bout a good night kiss?"

    Embarrassed, she replies, "Oh, I couldn’t do that. My parents will see us!"

    "Oh come on! Who's gonna see us at this hour?"

  • manThe finalist has been named in the worldwide search for the perfect man.

    After careful consideration and endless debate, The Perfect Man has been named:


    - He’s tan.

    - He’s cute.

    - He knows the importance of accessorizing.

    - And if he looks at another girl, you can rearrange his face.