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    title 2corinthians2

    4:16 The body gets older, weaker, and.. 
    4:18 This world is not my home 
    6:14 Unequally Yoked 
    9:7 God loves a cheerful giver 
    10:5 Take every thought captive 
    11:14 Satan is a POSER
    12:7-10 When I'm weak, He is strong!! 
    13:12 MISTLETOE moves
    13:12 Greet each other with a HOLY KISS

  • acts herod worms


    This article page features a bible cartoon from Acts 12:23 where evil King Herod is struck down and eaten by worms

  • angelswithnosebleeds


    This Heaven cartoon features angels with nosebleeds due to the altitude

  • ANGER 
    is an interesting topic for a cartoonist. I can go with the traditional count to 10 method of anger management. Or the Red-Green method of Anger Management (duct tape)

    The very Biblical Don’t Let the SUN GO DOWN on your Anger.. but what if you get mad in the evening?? Hmmm.. I think I am missing the point of this Biblical truth. Maybe the message is to not hang on to our angry feelings. But what do I know.. I COLOR FOR A LIVING.

    Now the impression most people have of me is that I am pretty happy guy that may joke too much. Well, this is true except for the Dr. COLOR sundown.jpg (59625 bytes)Jekyll aspect of my personality.. but.. then there is the Mr. Hyde portion of my being. Ok, ok.. I don’t go around killing people in the night.. but I lose my temper from time to time. 

    Let me site a few Mr. Hyde/Larson moments... and temper moments of others as observed by Mr. Hyde/Larson

    Coaching Youth Sports - can fuel EMOTIONS fueled by competition.
    Playing Sports at my age. No Pain, No Gain? Well.. I HATE PAIN!..and I hurt.
    Watching Sports.. fuels the emotions of many an arm chair quarterback.
    Marriage Emotions.. fueld by the mystery of men and women coexisting.
    Tele-hasslers (rabid-telemarketers)...I HATE when they call me at dinner time!
    Rush Hour Traffic - so much to learn about grace while behind the wheel of my car
    Misguided Theologies .. how dare people disagree with ME (kidding)
    Money Mishaps.. and challenged budgets make me ill
    Conflicts in the Work Place
    Cold Food (excluding ice cream) and service with an attitude at a restaurant 
    Bad Customer Service - 
    Kids fighting ... has that nails on a chalkboard affect to my emotions
    Driving to Church (when my kids were little) did anything but make me worshipful. 
    The Evening BIASED News – just say NO to the major networks!
    Showy Televangelists - where God is lost in the 'show'
    Election Year Politics - where partisan politics is exasperrating!
    TV and Movies - 24/7 of often nothing worth watching. JUST SAY NO!
    Fair Weather Sports Fans - 
    Changes at Church - should not be allowed without asking me first!
    ANGRY PEOPLE .. make me mad. 

    and finally.. 

    When I am RIGHT, and you are WRONG!! and.. WON'T ADMIT IT! kidding, kidding.. I think.

    hmmm.. maybe it would the shorter list would be one of things/people that DON'T make me mad.

    Do realize, This ramble includes a little ‘Christian Embellishment’ to make a point. 

    Life is full of stress and anxieties and when anger becomes my reaction.. LIFE CAN BLOW UP IN MY FACE. Anger can hurt relationships with family, and friends. I injure my own mental and physical health.. and anything that resembled the Fruit of God’s Spirit are quickly blown away.

    I am not sure even what the source of my anger is. For myself it could be sometimes a defense mechanism for my insecurities? I mean, how secure can I be in myself.. again.. I COLOR FOR A LIVING. 

    Often I know it has been a counter punch when I feel wronged. But why the need to counter punch? What a waste of energy. Been there, done that too often!!

    So with this long winded lead in.. let me share..

    My Guidelines for an Anger Free Life.. 
    1. Ephesians 4:26 Don’t let the Sun go down on your anger. In other words, don’t hang on to your anger… or it will consume your thoughts, and your days. Don’t be consumed by anger.. don’t revel in it. 
     Get my eyes off myself,, show compassion and understanding and forgiveness like I wish to receive from God.

    There are certainly many more points to ANGER MANAGEMENT than these two. But I believe in keeping life simple, and to realize and live out these Two Back Pew Anger Guidelines the CANCER of ANGER can be tamed allowing me the peace and perspective God intends for my life. 

    I pray for each of you to live ANGER FREE and focused on God. May the love of God be evident in our lives. Full of compassion, patience, self control, and that peace of God that passes all understanding. 


  • This LIFE is complete with burdens, worries, trials, and circumstances that feed ANXIETY.

    The good news is Jesus is the answer!

    So.. - DON'T be anxious, but learn to be CONTENT no matter what state your life is in. LET GO of those issues this life burdens us with. Give your burdens to God and Travel LIGHT

    When you feel you are Coming apart, overcome with Debt, dreams have become NIGHTMARES, and even the US Mail says you are DEAD.. know that Jesus is the answer and can be your 

    Jesus is the answer to life's Stressures that can not found in Drink. So loosen your Clenched Grip, and take every thought captive, check anyBAD attitudes at the door, get OUT OF BED and start with baby steps of faith. I call it Faith in a PaperBag where we trust God for a peace that passes all understanding even if at best you feel you are stark ravingCALM.

    While this life is often filled with what I would call painful blessings, know that just around the corner life will get better and Hopeless is not even on the radar... and so DON'T WORRY.. BE HAPPY.. DON'T WORRY, Trust God!

  • badslide


    This baseball cartoon features the bad April weather conditions for baseball in Minnesota 2013

  • basketball title

    bad dunkThis page features cartoons and thoughts regarding the great game of basketball and how it often inspires and challenges my
    faith.  From years as a player, then as a coach, as a basketball official, AND ALWAYS a fan.. I relish the opportunity to share
    my faith worshiping the Lord with hands lifted high (THAT'S A FOUL), voices shouting praises tempered with a few heart felt

    My playing days are over and I was not around when the shot at peach baskets, nor when the T-Rex wandered the courts 
    but I have been around to watch the game I love evolve into a game where mere mortals still can play a pick up game
    at the local YMCA or the Michael Jordans, and Lebron James of todays game now soar.

    So without further delay let me start out with a few FUNDEMENTAL SKILLSthat challenge my Norwegian verticality.  It is strange to think I once could dunk a basketball from time to time as now my game has regressed to only dunking donuts.

    lay upBut with regards to fundemental skills let me share a few through the medium of cartoon..
    the layup  and the fingerroll, the in-yo-face  dunk, the bad dunk , the brick layer , and the slam-a-jama .. pinball

    in your face dunksoft touch


     Now like I said, not everyone can be Lebron James or Michael Jordan.  For the rest of the world of hoopsters we 

    have ROLE PLAYERSwho survive by Doing the little things!

    Turnovers lose games, so a coach always wants players to hang on to the ball like glue . Maybe step in front of a power forward driving the lane like a Mack truck and take a CHARGE  for the team which gives legs to the old saying .. no pain .. no gain? AND every team needs a player willing at crunch time to take the .. the last shot  . 

    March Madness Coach
    At the heart of every winning team is a GREAT COACH.  A man who inspires fear in his players, berates officials to tears, and can chuck a chair half way across the gym.  He ( in his own eyes ) is never to blame, but quick to blame a loss on the refs, and his very own players.

    There is also a Misc. Moments on the Court worth mentioning..
    as believers there will someday be the risk of game time raptures 



    March Madness Year 1



    This has been an annual tradition for college hoop fans it seems like forever and I have been watching I believe since  YEAR 1   . This brings on all the bracket picking boards where everyone and their mother (LITERALLY) pick the winners for this college basketball championship.

    Coaches & Zebras  -The relationship between COACH and REF (aka Zebra) is much like a marriage.  <pause>  Not always a good marriage but a marriage none the less.  

    They bicker, they have terse words where the coach (aka wife) needles and picks at the ref (aka husband) all while the ref (husband) is only interested in peace.  Sometimes he gives in just to stop the nagging.  The coach (aka wife) claims she is only trying to help.  <pause>  You know, just like in a marriage :)  

    The words of the coach (aka wife) are received much like items on a honey do list.  1. Call it both ways, 2. Number 52 is in the lane all day.  3. Call something before someone gets hurt 4.  The fouls are 7 to 2.

    Finally the ref (aka husband) has had enough.  He will either 1. give the coach a technical (aka yell at his wife) or 2. give in to the coach (aka his wife) and submit to the petty items on this reffing honey do list.  <pause>  Only problem here is this is not a monagomous relationship as the other coach (aka the other wife) has his own honey do list.  AND.. the stands are filled with fans who act like another 500 wives and their spoiled children all shrieking similar complaints .. CALL THAT FOUL.. BOOO... BOOO.. CAN I BORROW YOU MY GLASSES.

    If these tensions escalate too far the coach (aka wife) is ejected (aka divorced) from the game.


    But then again sometimes after a game the coach will seek you out to tell you "YOU ARE THE BEST".

    So you see this is so very much like marriage.  <except there will be no kiss>

    Ok, with the ref v coach dynamic now explained for the lay person, let me share a few cartoons of this referee coach love waltz turned slam dance.

    March Madness... or MADMEN !, technical fool  , working  the refs, mad ref with a mad faith  , foul  or hangnail
    sick refs STAY HOME  , Blind Ref ? Isn't that redundant? , Coach Tourettes Double Foul  , Ref with COLD  
    Kind words.. NOT  , Whistles  and the LAW, The Age old FOUL CHASM  , Technicals ant Tempers  
    Look to the SKY  , Foul called and REPENT



     In conclusion let me share the words from an NBA Ad compaign.. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  • bullprivates


    This bible cartoon from the book of Leviticus illustrates a dangerous time for livestock

  • bullslaughter


    This bible cartoon from the book of Leviticus details the slaughter of bulls needed for sacrifice


    Burdens are the ugly baggage that travels with the anxiety and stress of this life.  Whenever we travel, burdens are our carryon bags that weigh us down.


  • butwevoted mn


    This article page is a cartoon sharing God's timeless truth regarding gay marriage

  • caesar unclesam


    This bible cartoon shows the connection between Caesar and Uncle Sam on April 15th

  • title camping2

     What if Jesus lived today, and went CAMPING?I am sure he would easily convey the teachings of The Kingdom of God with a campfire, a coleman's lamp, and DEET.

    But since Jesus did not teach specifically using camping as a spiritual metaphor I will get up off my BACK PEW and do my best to glean golden nuggets of God honoring truths while going on this little cartoon... CAMPING TRIP.  So come on, pack your sleeping bag, your fishing rod, fixings for s'mores and what ever else like as the Back Pew goes camping.

    camp road

    camp mosquitoIn the Beginning...the road to the campsite was void and darkness, and mosquitoes hovered over the face of the waters.

    Then God said let there be light, and after a few smokey attempts with damp kindling a campfire was built by man.

    camp darkness

    popupcamper downThe Fall of Man!!  Now it was decided it was not good for man to camp alone, so God provided a helper.  And just like every woman since the original Eve in the Garden, camp woman was just what camp man needed but was afraid to ask for.  She cooks, she cleans, and she helps with setting up the tent or pop up camper.  

    Of course just like Eve did not follow God's instructions to NOT eat the forbidden fruit, camp woman did not read the setup instructions for the pop up camper which resulted in THE FALL OF MAN or at least a temporary fall of the camper roof onto camp man.

     camp lightuntomyfeet

    God is Faithful..Throughout the pilgrimage of man recorded in our bibles we learn God's people were not always faithful to follow the well marked path to the promised land, but God in his infinite grace was always there with manna, water, and shelter in an otherwise dark and dangerous world.  This is also true in the journey of camp man. God has provided him with light on the paths marked to the restrooms, the boat landing, and the beach,

    When the people of Israel set up camp after their exodus from Egypt, they would take time to honor God with sacrifices that He required, and it was a pleasing Aroma for the Lord.  This is also true of Camp Man who after setting up camp will set aside time to build a fire where the whole family can gather around gazing into the power, light, and warmth of a blazing CAMPFIRE.  This is where camp man will roast hot dogs, and make s'mores for the family to feast until full.  <pause> This also is a pleasing aroma to the Lord.  

    Umm.. Fire Good!

    Also, this smokey fire altar helps ward of the enemies of the night.  Mosquitoesmuch like we are taught about Satan, roar about  (ok actually it is high pitch buzzing) seeking a soul to devour.. and the Racoons like a thief in the night will enter your campsite in the darkness to steal and attempt to kidnap the family dog.  BEWARE! BEWARE!  

    campfire sacrificecamp mosquitointhenightcamp racoon

    This completes my Back Pew Camping Pilgrimage.  Just like the Bible stories are full of life and lessons for each of us,
    in the same way I have much still to learn from camping adventures with my family and plan on repeating my Camping Mecca
    each summer after our Minnesota Glacial season subsides each year in LATE MAY. 

    May God bless each of you on your journeys whether you are a camper or not.  May you also find comfort in the following
    23rd Psalm for Campers and 23rd Deut for Campers.

    The 23rd Psalmfor Campers



    The 23rd Deutfor Campers


  • cleancup not


    This gospel cartoon illustrates a cup that is clean on the outside, but with poison on the inside

  • january 6th frozen


    This article page features a bible scripture truth found in Romans 5:3-4 encouraging us to persevere even when it is cold out



    CSI Old Testament



    CSI New Testament



    CSI North Pole?... CSI Frosty? 


  • dad dontsmokedontchew


    This family cartoon features a dad struggling to share words of wisdom to his teenage son

  • Unless you are part of an arranged marriage, .. DATING is the recognized 'process' of finding Mr or Mrs Right in our culture.

    I believe the top 5 factors to consider in dating are 1. Looks, 2. sense of humor, 3. personality, 4. family, and 5. money All these and more are reasons we choose to date.. and maybe eventually marry.


    "What's your major?" is a classic breaking the ice lines for the college crowd, but in the Back Pew we are ike E-Harmony with an added spiritual dimension.

    We don't look for a future spouse in a singles bar, but more likely at a Church Potluck with pick up lines like.. "If I said you have a Beautiful Spirit would you hold it against me?". 

    Or maybe Mr. Right, or that Woman (or women?) of your dreams you will meet at a Bible Study, Babes in Christ, and Fishers of Men fo-sho.

    But while we may be more spiritual in the Back Pew, we still find looks are important and support the time honored scale of tenmethod in measuring looks.

    Dating is NOT a bed of roses!

    but instead there comes a time when you realize.. he or she is not perfect resulting in awkward moments and harsh words. You may even find out fromlittle birds that besides not being the right guy, he is simply a jerk.

    The Next important part of dating is The KISS..

    While we have all heard about the dangers of kiss and tell, well I would like to say kiss & click is not the proper focus for a tender moment such as a kiss.

    The anxious anticipation of the first kiss is common, where sometimes advances are welcomed in the 'lip arena' while other times.. we find REJECTION

    So I recommend being a bit coy in that first move.. maybe even bring scripture into your lip offering with the ol' greet each other with a HOLY KISS move. 

    In the end, rest assured she will be drawn to you because you are a manly man!


    If this fails there is always Christmas where under the power of the MISTLETOE two may be drawn to that first kiss.

    Of course there is so much more to dating. We have the movies, the popcorn, the romantic picnic dates on sunny summer days, and so much more... but .. I am a cartoonist.. if you want sappy romantic sentiments GET A HALLMARK CARD... but if you want a chuckle at the romance dance we call dating, then THE BACK PEW might be the place to go before you Say I DO, or at least say maybe

  • This Christian advice cartoon features Dear Crabby counseling someone regarding New Years Resolutions.
  • deathshepherd


    This bible cartoon illustrates the death shepherd not to be confused with the good shepherd

  • demoninminnesota


    This silly cartoon features a demon whose assignment is in Minnesota

  • The devil's busy little minions are everywhere. Like cockroaches, and rats they scurry in the shadows of life, and scatter when hells rustygatesTheir home is a rusty gated community (HELL) where logic is upside down. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Good is bad and bad is good.

    The irony of this upside down world is evident in the teachings and lessons taught in their churches, the board rooms of their businesses, the values taught in their schools, and even what they choose to watch on TV... or maybe a 'romantic' movie classic from HELL. The concept of BEAUTY in Hell is of hellbizmeetingcourse also twisted.

    Even CURSING IN HELL makes a fella scratch his head and mumble.. "What the..", and then there is the fella eatingANGEL FOOD CAKE... WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?





    They are industrious little (lost) souls busy about their work whispering lies shouting 

    discouragement, anger, envy, and compromise to the good life God intends for each of us. BUT.. while these whispers are effective, they are only effective when we lose sight of God's love and perfect grace.

    To round out my the topic of demons, let me share a few random toons of demons at work and play. There are those who playPranks.. The very goth look of a Demon Chick - the age old problem of cooking Marshmallows in Hell, and finally a public saftey announcemtne from Smokey the Beelzebub... AND there are even REBELIOUS teen demonsSo remember while the world of demons and temptation are real, they like darkness hold no power when exposed to the LIGHT.

  • diaperpsalm


    This article page featues a baby crying with a full diaper while referencing Psalm 31:9

  • lotto volunteers


    This article page features a draft lottery used to address the need for volunteers in church

  • dustingoff

    This article page cartoon features a softball umpire dusting off home plate in full accordance with Jesus bible teaching found in Matthew 10:14

  • lumberjudgement


    title earthday


    If you think as a cartoonist I am not qualified to write on spiritual matters, then you may be equally concerned today this son of a logger is writing about the environment. 

    Loggers are demonized as timber terrorists by those tree hugging sorts who believe trees are people too. Truth be told Loggers are about timber management, and not about destroying the resource they depend on. 

    But that is not up for discussion today as the topic will be going GREEN with moments and lessons from the Bible.

    Let's start with the fact God is the creator of this incredible world (The Original Earth Day). I guess that makes Him an environmentalist. 

    From the beginning with the Garden of Eden through today, this is a world of beauty and nature that takes my breath away. Creation is not happenstance of a 'random big bang', nor the outcome of abungling creator fumbling with his new chemistry set for deities. 

    Creation is the amazing process where all things have their place and the complexities of every tree, flower, animal, man, and the rest of our Earth AND UNIVERSE is just a 7 day project for Omniscient and Omnipotent God.

    Meanwhile in the Garden of Eden man and woman were kicked out not because Adam cut down the tree of knowledge of good and evil with a chain saw, but because they disobeyed God and ate of it's fruit.

    cain petaTheir son Cain was the original PETA/Go Green Guy who was outraged at his brother Able's animal sacrifice to God. Why was his meat lovers sacrifice accepted while his 'Vegan' Sacrifice was rejected. So as a case of extreme overreaction he killed his brother.

    jonah wormLater on in the Old Testament we read God creates a shade tree for Jonah ( Go Green ) to sit under, but Jonah continues his pity party until God sends some sort of logger worm to cut clear cut his shade and get his attention.

    Next on to the Gospels Jesus calms storms and walks on water. proving nature and Jesus are best buds.

    jesuswalksonwaterBut in the last week of Jesus life on Earth Jesus curses a fig tree that was not bearing fruit .. and the TTH ( Temple Tree Huggers ) were aghast.

    jesus talktothehand
    I am sure there is much more Go-Green moments in the Bible but these were a few that came to mind.

    Finally in Revelations 7:1 we read that a angel blows his trumpet and hail, fire, and blood fall on the Earth. NOT GREEN.. This we will call.. BAD EARTH DAY

    So on this Earth Day let's enjoy and appreciate God's creation. It is April 22nd, 2013 and we still have snow in MinneSNOWta as our worries of Global Warming have shifted to our new environmental threat.. The New Ice Age. Viva La Ice & Snow!

    May God bless and use each of you this day in ways that are beyond your dreams. This world is a wonderful creation and we all need to be good stewards of this planet.

    Jeff (Having a Green Day in the Back Pew) Larson

    P. S. GREEN NOTE: Go Green.. Bay Packers!! 

  • finewhatever


    This marriage cartoon features one of those moments where there is a communication breakdown that I call the double ambiguous

  • food title

    - A Fasting Alternative
    Flee From Fridge
    Fast or DietSad Face
    - Not by bread alone 
    - The Communion Diet? 

    - The Drool Rule
    - Just like NASCAR
    Eternity and Potlucks
    - The Messiah Factor
    - Saved by Grace
    - Potlucks are my 'gift'
    - and don't forget dessert.
    direct SAMPLING 
    POTLUCK body of Christ

    Spiritual Food 

    Hungry for God's Word
    Spoon Fed Christians 
    Krispy Kreme Power?
    Got Milk
    - Body is a TEMPLE 
    - Authentic Tex Mex?

    COFFEE <-- where I keep 
    all the caffinated christians. 

    Old Testament...

    - Don't eat kites,
    bats, or rats ..
    like anyone should have to
    tell us that!
    - One of those roadside
    Leviticus Cafes 
    - Baking UNEVEN bread?

    New Testament...
    - gagging on gnats
    - swallowing camels 
    - JBs Honey & Locusts 
    - scrambled scorpions?
    snake or fish
    fasting for Paul? 
    - bread & carbs?
    pizza & wings feast 
    Acts II Hot Sauce

    Devilsfood Cake in Heaven
    Angelsfood Cake in Hell 

    COLOR flee from sin (food).jpg (59093 bytes)dieting_or_fasting.jpg (80702 bytes)

    COLOR bodyisatemple.jpg (85467 bytes)


  • fred roe


    This bible cartoon imagines who was chosen in the book of Numbers to lead the Jews back to Egypt


     title gambling

  • godcreatessky


    This cartoon illustrates when God created sky


    littlebird gossips




  • title grace


    faultsGrace is the one word that should resound inside and outside churches around the world.  

    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.. I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.

    These lyrics are of course from one of the most powerful and well known hymns of the Christian church history. If I recall correctly, Amazing Grace was written by a former slave trader who repented of his wicked ways to recieve God's Amazing Grace.

    Now, while most of us will fall short of the egregious sins against God and man of a slave trader.. but still our goodness is a relative term when comparing with others and especially when compared to Almighty God.



    So we all need God's Grace in our lives to make right what is wrong.

    Another great story of God's Grace is presented in the telling of the prodigal son.  The prodigal son was rebellious, disobedient and wanted nothing to do with the father.. UNTIL LIFE HIT BOTTOM. Then with a repentant heart he returned to the Father and was not meant with a disapproving look and a scolding I TOLD YOU SO speech.  Instead the Prodigal Son was met by his father with open arms and a feast. My son was lost (by choice) and now is found.  This is the story of God and each of our various levels of 'prodigal-ness'.

    gracetheorganistSo if the only Grace to be found in your church is the woman named Grace who plays the church organ, then maybe it is time to discover God's Amazing Grace for your relative wretchedness.




  • Halloween...

    April Fools Day


    Fathers Day

  • <


    Spiritual v Physical 

    This life is not one to venture out on your own, and the promise from Jesus Christ of a comforter assures us we are not on our own.

    Of course it is not easy to get my head around my daily tasks in the real physical world so how does a middle aged guy (if I live to be 110) get my brain to accept this spiritual dimension?

    It is easy enough to go to church and worship with others and feel all good inside, BUT THEN I leave the church walls to a very UNspiritual world, and the rubber meets the road. The reality of work, debt, mortgage, family, friends, enemies?? and all the STUFF on the evening news.  All very real stuff.. all sobering, and all together a weight either directly or indirectly I carry.

    BUT JUST AS REAL is my faith in God and the belief in the spiritual aspect of this life. Again, Jesus said when I go I will send a comforter.. the Holy Spirit. So my spiritual life is one of prayer for leading and comfort found in things not seen or heard.  This is faith.. but I believe this spiritual realm is as real as the physical one.

    I believe in the supernatural creator of this world who exists outside the boundaries of time and space. I believe He is our personal loving Heavenly Father, and I believe he is available to us through prayer and by His Spirit. I believe He cares about my day to day rubber meets the road when life is not easy.

    gift tothe churchA way I believe God's spirit works in us are the gifts/abilities we are each uniquely wired with. Our talents blessed by God, along with the fruit of His Spirit which hopefully describes the spirit in each of us (loving, joyful, good, self-control, etc). With the GIFTS God has blessed along with FRUIT of His spirit.. then the WORKS of his spirit I believe will  accomplish acts of worship and service through each of us.

    It is all easier said than done.. but I believe the most worthwhile discipline we can undertake.  How else could we ever fullfill God's two greatest commandments to Love Him and care for others?  On our own?  not so much.

    piglatin spiritualgift potluck

    My prayer is that we as believers not go it (life) on our own with only a Sunday morning recharge. I pray we as believers are daily in prayer (a constant attitude of prayer) where his Holy Spirit guides and intercedes with us.  Anything else I BELIEVE is settling for less than the best.

     (I Cor 12:4-11)
    Gift of Gab ; - Trying too hard ; - Discovering your gifts ; The Gifts Crystal Ball? ; - One Body, many parts ; Serving outside your giftedness ; Serving through clenched teeth ; Gift of Potluck Consumption?














    1. Fruit (Gal 5:22)

      -Fruit Test
      - Fruits? If I have to.
      Knowing versus Living proof

    1. supernaturalmanWorkings
      Tastes Great! Less Filling!
      Breath of Life?
      - The Spirit Descends like.. 
      - A Mighty Rushing Wind
      - It's .. SUPERNATURAL




    Honesty is such a lonely word. 
    Everyone is so untrue. 
    Honesty is hardly ever heard. 
    And mostly what I need from you. -- Billy Joel

    These are the lyrics from the 1979 pop/rock song by Billy Joel. While Billy Joel has never served as a worship leader and with other songs like 'Only the Good Die Young' also distance Mr. Joel from him paraphrasing scriptural truth regarding truth is also unlikely.

    Honesty is cornerstone in any healthy family, friendship, work, or government. Lies, and deceptions can crumble most any otherwise healthy relationship. In marriage, with my kids, my friends, in my 


    thinice.jpg (43827 bytes) 



    Gossip.. the poor cousin of lies

    and the .. Justaz? are untruths for certain

  • inee or outee


    This pregnancy cartoon features the time when mommy's bellybutton goes from being an inee to an outee

  • jeff church assigning


    This cartoon shares the challenge of attending church with so many electronic distractions

  • jesus baptised


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  • mom cba


    birthpains Back in 1984 my wife and I were anxious parents-2-be expecting our first. We had already made a few typical false alarm trips to the hospital (aka Braxton Hicks practice contractions), but on February 13th, 1986 it was the real deal and life would NEVER be the same.

     gettingoutofbedREADY SET GO.. At 12:30 a.m. on February 13th 1986 my wife and I had just headed off to bed for a long winter’s nap. About midnight I arrived home from working the evening shift at my job and was off to bed with my fully 9 months pregnant wife Mary. Before I could even fade into sleep Mary exclaims “My water broke, or I just peed the bed.” So off to the races we headed for the birth of our child #1. 

    but first.. We had to stop for gas as I had not planned on this midnight run to the hospital all while Mary’s contractions were kicking in to gear.
    note to self: Keep gas tank full when babies are near due date.

    roadgraceSo we arrive at the hospital ( I ran a few red lights just for added high drama) and the nurses get us settled into our room and notify our doctor. Mary is then hooked up all sorts of monitors including this cool baby monitors that measures the strength of her contractions. COOL.. something for me to watch since there was no TV in the room.

    OVER THE NEXT HOURS.. The contractions come and go.. the doctor visits and early on is able to give Mary the drugs of choice to calm the pains. I remember after several of the contractions where Mary seemed to be hurting especially bad I said to her.. “That one was not really that bad it was only a 4 on the monitor.” Shortly later I found out the monitor strap had come loose and was not measuring accurately. 

    note to self: keep stupid comments inside head.

    BIRTH CLASS IN ACTION: Mary and I had attended the birthing classes, so I knew to hold her hand and to coach her breathing. Problem was Mary preferred to hold the nurses hands because they were cooler to the touch, and at one point during my breathing she said.. “Quit breathing in my face.” 
    note to self: Quit breathing??

    MORE DRUGS .. PLEASE: So the hours move along and it is early morning around 4:30 when Mary pleads with her doctor for more drugs.. but the doc says nope.. too late.. no more drugs for you. At least I was smart enough at this point to not repeat the doctor’s words. I just sat quietly supportive. 
    note to self: Plead Mary’s case for drugs as a sign of being supportive, and ask for some for self as my back is killing me.

    foodandgodTHING ARE GETTING INTENSE: Around 8 a.m. the pains are strong, but the process seems to have stalled a bit. So while Mary is in her ‘painful’ holding pattern, the morning breakfast cart rolls around. They peek in and ask sheepishly.. “Breakfast anyone?” There is a momentary silence.. then I finally say.. “Yes, I think I could eat something.”
    note to self: Next time shout, can’t you see my wife is in labor, and then meet cart in hallway for a secret snack under the guise of chewing them out. 

    So the process continues as I eat breakfast and between bites of food call to my wife with my mouth full.. “push”.. and “remember your breathing.”

    babyFOR UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN: Finally around 10:00 a.m. a child is born and they shall call his name .. Curtis Walter Larson. He is healthy but a bit cone headed but a keeper. After the usual initial checks and I get to cut the cord from mothership Mary and we head back to our private room where the three of us mom, dad, and new baby Curt.. all lying in the same bed. And around 12:30pm early that snoringmanafternoon, baby Curt is asleep, I am asleep (and snoring) while Mary lies wide awake with the adrenaline rush of her life.
    note to self: I don't know what Mary thinks BUT.. this giving birth thingy is exhausting!


    So there you have it, BIRTH FROM ONE MAN’S PERSPECTIVE. Now it is many since this blessed day and we have a son Curtis Walter Larson who has given us both our share of joys and exasperations. 

    note to self: God is good, Mary is wonderful, and Curtis is a son to be proud of. - Jeff


    Expecting Moms...
    Long before the pitter patter of little feet a seed is planted in fertile soil.. and the miracle of life begins.  Never thought your motherhood condition would be described with a farming analogy did ya?  Well this is where the farming analogy ends as the growing bundle of joy is safe inside mommy while the farmers field crop may be eaten by ravens.. BUT I DIGRESS..


    Hello morning sickness..

    This is a time of queezie stomachs, and strange cravings that only a mother to be and a man drinking beer while watching football can relate to. Some foods sound soooo good, while just the whiff of others make mommy a bit green.  Of course in the case of the man drinking beer all foods always look good.. BUT I DIGRESS.. #2

    inee or outee
    babybumpThe baby bump.. It is that amazing time as mommy tummy grows.. and grows.. and GROWS.  Your inny belly button is now definately an outy. This all at first are welcomed as  amazing signs of this new life, but later mom to be says with a concerned look to her husband.. I look FAT.  To which the husband either should pretend he did not hear her, or be more diplomatic in his response than a republican politician at a womans rights rally during an election year.  Choose your words wisely and she will allow you to continue living.. after all her condition is ALL YOUR FAULT.


    mom cba

    9 months is a long time.. After the queezy first few weeks and months pass mom will begin to feel better before she begins to feel worse again... as the BLESSED day approaches.  This is when the anticipation of baby's birthday is matched with being tired of your growing .. tummy.  Acid reflux, so tired in the evening, and then the pains begin.. the baby kicks. While it seems cute to hear of this new sign of new life.. I feel bad enough when I eat to much but I never want my food to kick me from the inside... BUT I DIGRESS #3birthpains

    The other pains.. you will think you are going into labor, but these are what you call BRAXTON HICKS contractions.. aka practice contractions.  Now I have learned from experience to NOT tell your wife these are braxton hicks contractions unless you want your head BIT OFF at the neck.  Instead take her to the hospital only to be sent home a bazillion times when THEY tell her they were only braxton hicks contractions.  Again, do not tell her see I told you so." this will again result in the above mentioned head bitten off at neck. .. AND my wife would remind me.. YER NOT A 'BLEEPIN' DOCTOR! Well I knew that before she told me, and truth be told she did not say 'BLEEPIN' but she certainly implied it.

    Finally after more false alarms than you can count.. it is D-DAY (delivery day)... and wer'e off to the hospital where the actual birth takes less time than the reading of my above pregnancy description.

    to be continued below..bedrest2

    note: For some of you 'specially blessed' like my wife and I were with our third pregnancy there may be a time of bed rest.  


    Bed rest is... welcomed news for someone like me after a long weekend of too much activity, but during a pregnancy this is a precautionary time where little activity by mom is prescribed to do all that can be done to ensure a healthy pregnancy.  bedrest3For us, it was an anxious time with honestly plenty of concern where friends, family, and church joined together to make life still function.  Meals were brought in, childcare was provided for our two boys, and the true Grace of God was very real to us by the actions of his people.  We are forever indebted to these wonderful friends and family as after 5 1/2 months (yes 5 1/2 months) of bedrest and born 10 weeks early at 3lbs 13 oz was our daughter Erin.  Now she is all grown up and doing well BECAUSE OF the above mentioned wonderful friends, family, and doctors,.. and answered prayers by our loving God.  Because of this.. we were able to experience raising a TEENAGE GIRL.  Not a job for the fainthearted. BUT I DIGRESS #4


    Birth.. from One Man's Perspective -- > click here  to follow the story of the birth of my first born.  Trust me, it is not a touchy feely Oprah like reading.  It is instead truly BIRTH from a man's perspective with all the feeling and sensitivity expected from a guy who colors for a living.

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