Perfect Day Devotionals

  • coffee mondayI must admit I am not up to date with all of the technology and gadgets today. Just when I think I have something mastered, they upgrade it or replace it was something that I cannot figure out. I guess that is why God gave grandfathers grandchildren.

    It started on a Monday morning and I thought I would use the latest technology and order something online from Staples and then go over and pick it up. I would save a lot of time and it would look like I knew what I was doing. I love it when a plan comes together.

    I must say it was very easy to give them my money online, just a little too easy for my comfort.

    Then I went to Staples to pick up my order. When I got there, unfortunately, I had ordered the wrong product. I wanted black ink and I ordered, by mistake, colored ink. I had plenty of colored ink but I was completely out of black ink.

    When I found out that I had made this error, I was beside myself. Believe me, standing beside me is no picnic.