Money Devotionals

  • Pinching Pennies in a Nickel Economy

    us penny 2An incident happened this past week that created for me a certain pause to think about things.

    I don’t often think about too many things. After all, with only one little gray cell, it is hard to think about things in the plural. “One-thought-at-a-time,” is my life motto. Experience has taught me that too many thoughts at any given time, usually leads to trouble with the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage.

    I was going to pick up a few items at Publix when it happened. I parked in the parking lot as normal, got out of the car and started towards the store. Halfway to the store is when it happened.

    Even now as I think about it, I’m a little excited. Believe me; it takes quite a bit to get me excited these days.

    Walking towards the entrance to the store, I saw on the ground a penny, which caused me to stop in my tracks.

    I do not bend over for anything unless it is important these days. My problem is that if I bend over I will have difficulty in unbending. It has to be something rather important for me to bend down, let alone pick it up.

  • The Only Contest I Really Win Each Year

    christmas shoppingBetween now and the end of the year our house is going to be a mad dash for the stores in preparation for Christmas.

    This time of the year, I lay low and try to be as invisible as possible. If I hide in the shadows of the parsonage and do not speak, I am in pretty good shape. I have been practicing this for over 40 years, so I have reached a certain level of proficiency.

    Having a wife and two daughters has been a challenge, especially at this time of the year. My son and I have survived and so I am sure I will make it through another year. However, I am not taking anything for granted.

    I am somewhat of a competitive person, in some degree. I like a good challenge and I certainly like to win. Going up against the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage has not been a successful competition. Even when she loses, so to speak, she wins. When she wins, I also win, so why should I complain?

    The contest at this time of the year is to see how much money these ladies of the parsonage can save. I have not kept track over the years for obvious reasons, so I do not know who is ahead and who is behind.