Easter Illustrations

  • Red is for the blood He gave.

    Green is for the grass He made.

    Yellow is for the sun so bright.

    Orange is for the edge of night.

    Blue is for the sins we made.

    White is for the grace He gave.

    Purple is for His hour of sorrow.

    Pink is for our new tomorrow.

    A bag full of jelly beans, colororful and sweet,

    Is a prayer, is a promise, is a special treat.

    Happy Easter!!!


  • Easter rock by Marilyn h(Thanks to subscriber Marilyn H. for sending in a picture of her Easter rock.)

    My friend was telling me that she was talking to her grand-daughter about Christmas and how the world celebrates the birth of Jesus at this time.

    The child then asked, "And then it is Easter again?"

    "Yes," my friend replied.

    "Is that when they crucified Jesus and He rose again?" she asked.