By the time I was 9 I was playing truant from school, off picking strawberries to sell house to house on Sundays for extra cash to keep for spending mostly on cream cakes for when I did go to school to give them away.

At that age I fancied myself as a bit of a boxer so persuaded my Mum and Step Dad John 'God Bless Him', to go to our local club the 'West Hill boys'. In them days we could wonder for tens of miles. So my Mum didn't mind as this was just around the corner.

At 14 I became the British Schoolboy Champion, but because of my wayward ways my achievement and highs were short lived, because when I got home to celebrate there was a probation officer waiting to take me to an approved school! for car theft

I was in and out of institutions for most of my adolescence. But settled at 18 years old when I achieved what I told my careers teacher I wanted to to at 13 and that was to become professional boxer, and by the time I was 21 I was No 10 in the world and No 1 in my country.

I fought for 11 years as a pro and a few as an unlicensed fighter, but because of my unusual life style, drunken binges, womanising, failed relationships, Fatherless children and drug abuse. I never quite made it, but have many tales to tell.

At 32 I retired without a penny,so became involved in the black market under world to keep up with my riotous ways. This went on for years until I was finally locked up for a sawn off shot gun offence in November 1996, with over ?300,250,500 blown up my nose and down my neck.

While in prison reflecting on all the better things in life, achievements, travel, meeting interesting people and son on, I asked God to give me another chance to prove my worth. That's when I asked Jesus into my life. From that memorable day when I wept like a baby in my cell I met Jesus and became born again.

When I left jail under suspicion of murder my name was clean and a new life for me began.

At first it was difficult finding my feet as I spent a year wondering from pillar to post still drinking with the down and outs with menial jobs to survive, but now at 42 and six years latter I'm still Paul Huggins but through the faith the Lord gave me a church to attend, a magazine to publish, a furniture company to run, a stone mason job to do and a sport and variety club to get off the ground.

Six years ago I was filling in my own grave but through faith I have been saved to play a whole new ball game.

To conclude I suppose my life has been colourful to say the least. With lots of laughter and many tears, but now through faith my life has only just begun with peace of mind in eternity

Thank You Jesus

Paul Huggins