Synchronizing files between computers and backing up your data can be a real pain - especially if you use the default software that Windows comes with. However, I've found and use a program that does it the way it should be.

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A few years ago I lost a lot of data when one of my hard drives crashed. After that I made a much greater effort to ensure I had backups of all of my important files.

Then I bought a laptop for using at the church and at my home.  This created another data management need.  I wanted to make sure that the files on my laptop, home computer, and church computer were all in sync.  That way I could better keep track of changes to files I was working on in an ongoing way.

However the file synchronizing program that came with Windows was very user unfriendly.  I search the net for a good free program that would do better and found none.  However I did find a commercial program that worked much better and I bought that.  There were a number of things about the program that I could never figure out, but I did get it working well enough to use for backing up my files from one computer to another and making sure that both of my computers had the same files on them.  Then that company sent out an update and it messed up my system, so I went looking for another program to replace it.

I am glad that I did!  I found the program called ViceVersa Pro 2.  After downloading and installing it for a 30 day free trial, I immediately found that it was way easier to use than the previous program that had let me down.  ViceVersa Pro 2 lets me synchronize files between 2 or more computers and/or different hard drives on my computers.  My file synchronizing doubles as my backing up too as I copy my latest files sent to a removable hard drive for off site storage and backup (important in the event of fire or theft).

Like I said, ViceVersa Pro 2 is the best program I've seen for file synchronizing and back-up between a laptop and desktop computer.  Give it a try to see if it will meet your needs.  The free 30 day trial is fully functional.  You can try everything it does.

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