Domain Registration

httpwwwOk, you have a web site (or are going to start one) and you want people to remember it's address. You can go with the one your web host provides you (ie. www.yourwebhost.com/~youraccountname/some folder) or register a simple one for yourself (ie. www.yournewsite.com)

Registering a domain is not that complicated - though some of the popular registration sites certainly make it so as they try to upsell you all kinds of stuff you don't need along with your new domain. It's not that way with Cybersalt.  You tell us the domain you want and we'll register it for you. The most popular domains (.COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .MOBI) cost US$13.95.

If you want to register a domain with any of the following extensions, please contact us for a quote.

Extension Country
.am Armenia
.ar.com Argentina, alternate for .ar
.at Austria
.be Belgium
.br.com Brazil, alternate for .br
.bz Belize
.cc Cocos
.cn.com China, alternate for .cn
.cx Christmas Island
.de Germany
.de.com Germany, alternate for .de
.es Spain
.com.es Spain
.nom.es Spain
.org.es Spain
.eu.com European Union, alternate for .eu
.fm Federated States of Micronesia
.gb.com United Kingdom, alternate for .uk
.gb.net United Kingdom, alternate for .uk
.gd Grenada
.gs South Georgia & Sandwich Islands
.hu.com Hungary, alternate for .hu
.in India
.co.in India
.firm.in India
.gen.in India
.ind.in India
.net.in India
.org.in India
.jpn.com Japan, alternate for .jp
.kr.com Republic of Korea, alternate for .kr
.la Laos
.ms Montserrat
.com.mx Mexico
.no.com Norway, alternate for .no
.co.nz New Zealand
.net.nz New Zealand
.org.nz New Zealand
.qc.com Quebec
.ru.com Russian Federation, alternate for .ru
.sa.com Saudi Arabia, alternate for .sa
.se.com Sweden, alternate for .se
.se.net Sweden, alternate for .se
.tc Turks & Caicos Islands
.co.uk United Kingdom
.uk.com United Kingdom, alternate for .uk
.uk.net United Kingdom, alternate for .uk
.me.uk United Kingdom
.org.uk United Kingdom
.us United States
.us.com United States, alternate for .us
.uy.com Uruguay, alternate for .uy
.vg British Virgin Islands
.za.com South Africa, alternate for .za