Cybersalt works directly with our own clients as well as the clients of other web hosting companies for whom we work on contract basis.  Below are the particulars of some of the many services we offer and the time blocks (where applicable) required to provide them.  Our rate is $90 per hour or the rate charged by the company you have come to us through.

Domain Management

Cybersalt is able to register the most common domains for you for a price ranging between $18.95- $21.95 each per year.  You're right, you can register them yourself at other places for less than that.  Our price is higher because we're not automated.  We meet your domain management and renewal needs personally.

If you've already saved money and registered your own domains yourself but now need assistance to sort out some mess that has arisen with them, Cybersalt will help you sort things out based on an open-ended time block because sorting out domain registration messes can often be a lengthy, complicated, and pain in the "you know where" process.