Totally Tim

Tim Davis is a pastor at Westside Bible Church in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. His internet past-time is the backbone of the Cybersalt sites.

 Here is a work-around for the annoying problem of your Facebook news feed switching back to "Top Stories" from "Most Recent".

Here's how to create links in a Joomla article; links to other pages on your site or to external sites too.

How to add YouTube videos (and others from sites like Vimeo, etc) to Joomla articles is very easy.  Here is a tutorial on how to do just that.

If you have files in a Joomla extension that does not give you the option to delete files you have uploaded, the Joomla file managment extension "eXtplorer" is a great solution to use. It's also a handy tool for other file management needs within Joomla. Just be super careful to not delete or move files that need to be where they lay!

There are thousands of extensions that can be added to your Joomla site.  Here is how to find them and install them.


The Cybersalt Site runs on the opensource software, Joomla!

This area features articles on Cybersalt's Joomla! journey.

My blog about software.

The Cybersalt Shaker features devotionals and commentary written by Pastor Tim.

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