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catmelonhead150x127.jpgOver the years, some of the most popular pages on the Cybersalt site have featured Funny Cat Pictures. We have to admit that even though cats often look at humans like they owe the feline world something (remember dogs have owners and cats have staff), cats aren't as bad as a lot of the press that they get.

And so, whether you are a cat lover or tolerator, we hope you enjoy these funny cat pictures. And, of course, if you have any funny cat pictures you want to share with the world, feel free to send them to us to post here.

Title Hits
Cat Stowaway on Plane Hits: 82
Cat Habits Hits: 644
Cat Snowman Hits: 676
Melting Cat Hits: 865
Kitten Therapy Hits: 910
Cats Stealing Dog Beds Hits: 995
Presbyterian Wishes Hits: 1935
Cat and Dog Road Trips Hits: 1860
Cat Shark Hits: 2664
Opal's Paws to Drink Hits: 2318
A Matter of Timing Hits: 4022
Sleeping Pie Hits: 2394
Cat Depression Hits: 2353
Cat Single Hits: 2214
Plotting Stare Hits: 1979
Bag Face Hits: 1822
Cat Laxatives Hits: 2618
Deaf Cat Sign Hits: 3132
Cat Olympics Hits: 3573
What Cats Do Hits: 5162
When Birds Dream Hits: 4835
I've Taken Care Of It Hits: 7365
Cat Slippers Hits: 6134
Cat Surprise Hits: 6189
Cat Christmas Angel Hits: 5901
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  • Funny Cat Pictures -  Prosthetics

    Cat Prosthetics

    Prosthetics for injured pets are getting carried away.
  • Funny Pictures of Cat with Fangs

    Cat Fangs

    Oh no - another home visit by pastor Tim.
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  Begging and Praying

    Cat Pray

    Please, please, please, PLEASE, don't buy a puppy!
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  Lying On Couch

    Cat Couch

    Here's a sign that your cat has been spending too much time with your husband.
  • Fat Cat - The Sequel

    Some people think cats fall from heaven. Thankfully they don't.

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