Funny Cat Pictures

catmelonhead150x127.jpgOver the years, some of the most popular pages on the Cybersalt site have featured Funny Cat Pictures. We have to admit that even though cats often look at humans like they owe the feline world something (remember dogs have owners and cats have staff), cats aren't as bad as a lot of the press that they get.

And so, whether you are a cat lover or tolerator, we hope you enjoy these funny cat pictures. And, of course, if you have any funny cat pictures you want to share with the world, feel free to send them to us to post here.

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Cat Habits Hits: 313
Cat Snowman Hits: 349
Melting Cat Hits: 611
Kitten Therapy Hits: 640
Cats Stealing Dog Beds Hits: 710
Presbyterian Wishes Hits: 1579
Cat and Dog Road Trips Hits: 1600
Cat Shark Hits: 2282
Opal's Paws to Drink Hits: 2059
A Matter of Timing Hits: 3841
Sleeping Pie Hits: 2195
Cat Depression Hits: 2132
Cat Single Hits: 1973
Plotting Stare Hits: 1772
Bag Face Hits: 1671
Cat Laxatives Hits: 2402
Deaf Cat Sign Hits: 2947
Cat Olympics Hits: 3324
What Cats Do Hits: 4809
When Birds Dream Hits: 4556
I've Taken Care Of It Hits: 7165
Cat Slippers Hits: 5921
Cat Surprise Hits: 5946
Cat Christmas Angel Hits: 5711
Kitten Puppy Skunk Hits: 5702
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More Funny Cat Pictures

  • Funny Cat Pictures -  after winning the Publishers Clearing House

    Cat Faint

    Whiskers - after finding out she won the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.
  • cat snowman

    Cat Snowman

    That's when Snowball realized her owners were nuts.
  • A funny cat picture.

    Cat Bird Cage Fight

    Who doesn't enjoy a good cage fight?
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  with Glasses and Tongue Sticking Out

    Cat Look

    Imagine a world where cats look like their attitudes.
  • catpidgeonbehind

    Cat Fowl Gesture

    Simon, Clyde, and Rusty did not appreciate this fowl gesture.

More Funny Pictures

  • Funny Pictures of Past Pastor Head

    Pasta Pastor Head

    Introducing the new pasta of Macaroni Bible Church.
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  and Squirrel Staring at Each Other

    Cat Squirrel

    It quickly became obvious that the Smiths were right when they named their new cat…
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  in Bird Cage

    Cat in Cage

    And that was the day Felix was kicked out of the union.
  • Funny Pictures of Football Players Sitting In Ice Box

    Football Player Storage

    It's not easy being on the B squad.
  • Funny Pictures of a cat lying in a bowl.

    Cat Spice

    I guess that dog's not so bad - what with him inviting me to lunch and all.