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June 2004

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Sandra Boyte
Pastor Tim

Time to Pray

Sometimes in the hustle And the bustle of the day, I try so hard to stay afloat That I forget to pray. And though I know the answer To my struggle lies in You, Often You are the last one That I... read more..

Clean Jokes
Pastor Tim

Surgery Plan

We were on our way to the hospital where our 16-year-old daughter was scheduled to undergo a tonsillectomy. During the ride we talked about how the procedure would be performed."Dad," our teenager as... read more..

Peggie's Den
Pastor Tim

Dear Dad

Down the Path to the Well--a thought to remember along the way I'm not a bookshelf-maker, except for today and the rest of this week. No hammer, nails or wood necessary--this one is make-believe...ou... read more..

Guest Authors
Pastor Tim

Who says God Is Good?

Sometimes the simplest questions?questions that seem so basic we never expect them to be asked? can stop us in our tracks if we're not equipped to engage them. For example, central to the Gospel is t... read more..

Dr. Harold McNabb
Dr. Harold McNabb

God's Cement Factory - Romans 5:1-5

I enjoy "top ten" lists. Whether its "ten deadliest things that bite" or "ten best places to order chili", I just think they are fun and am a sucker for them. I am sure there have been attempts at " read more..

Hall of Flames
Pastor Tim

Popeye Is Not God

In Response to the following CleanQuote: Great philosophical sayings: "Know Thyself." - Plato "I yam what I yam." - Popeye K.H. wrote, Dear Pastor Tim: No disrespect but your quote by Popey... read more..

Sandra Boyte
Pastor Tim

The Game

I look at the cards that I've been dealt, And often, to my shame, I slap my hand to the table And want to call the game.   I say that its not fair at all To have to play this hand When I s... read more..

Pastor Tim

"I Yam" Expounded

Dear Pastor Tim, I read the letter you mentioned (  Interesting.  I like your well stated reply. With the Popeye "I yam what I yam," quo... read more..

Barb's Mantle
Pastor Tim

Power In That Name

Have you ever been in a tight spot where you needed someone immediately to help you out? Or have you been in situations where you thought nobody could possibly help you? From life experiences we fin... read more..

Pastor Tim

The Magnitude of His Grace

Note from Pastor Tim:  This testimony is the powerful and gripping story of the difference Jesus Christ has made, and is making, in the life of the man who's story it is.  All reading it wil... read more..

Sandra Boyte
Pastor Tim

Not Buying It

This old world is gonna try And sell you all kinda stuff No matter how much you got They say it's not good enough. You gotta buy and barter Or you will never be whole. Sometimes they want your m... read more..

Clean Jokes
Pastor Tim

Kitchen Cry

Howard came home from work one evening and there was his wife Miriam in the kitchen crying out loud."What's the matter, darling?" he asked her."I just don't know what to do," said Miriam. "Because we... read more..

The Spur
Pastor Tim

The Scandal of Moral Failure

{mosimage}When the scandal hit, most people caught their breath in shock. Each day the headlines were worse. The pictures made us all cringe in disgust. Politicians expressed outrage and the military ... read more..

Clean Jokes
Pastor Tim

Eat This Up

Several American nurses were training at a hospital in Liverpool, England. These nurses had little money for meals, so they ate the awful food provided at the hospital complex, and sometimes kindly v... read more..

Diane Davis
Pastor Tim

Invisible Man

I had stopped for a treat on that downtown streetHeading back to the wall for a quiet retreatAbout to enjoy my first food of the dayI was startled by a man blocking my way He stood in the shadows... read more..

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