quote 1837

"Doctrine is not just a bundle of the church's own ideas, thoughts, and dreams about God, but is a declaring of what God Himself has shown and told us."

- J. I. Packer

moneySam and George go to the bank to cash their paychecks.

After Sam cashes his check George hands the young teller his check. He moves away from the teller, counts his change, and then goes back and says to the cashier, "Hey, you gave me the wrong change!"

The cashier says: "Sir, you stepped away from the counter. There's nothing I can do about it now."

George says nothing and joins Sam who says, "She's got some nerve. You should complain to the manager!"

"Oh no," George says. "In fact, I was going to tell her that I just thought she'd like to know she gave me ten dollars too much."

boy happyDuring a magazine and newspaper subscription drive, our son Philip, a paperboy, learned about good salesmanship.

His supervisor had instructed the kids to maintain a positive attitude, even when turned down. One potential customer told Philip, "I've got papers and magazines strewn all over the place -- I don't need any more."

Philip's reply? "Well, how about a subscription to Good Housekeeping?" 

quote 1836

"Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing." 

- Albert Schweitzer

video rentalsDo you remember back in the day, when you'd go to a store and try to explain to a sales clerk which movie you were looking for?

A sign behind the counter at a video rental store:

"We are sorry to report that we are all out of 'That Movie with That Guy Who Was in That Other Movie.'

There was some confusion when ordering from our distributor. - Thank You"


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