Our collection of inspiring quotes.

summer porch“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

– John Steinbeck

school elementary"In school they told me 'Practice makes perfect.' And then they told me that nobody is perfect, so then I stopped practicing."

- Steven Wright

bird eagle soar"Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as high as it will."

- A. W. Tozer

path 2"Life is unjust and this is what makes it so beautiful. Every day is a gift. Be brave and take hold of it."

- Garrison Keillor

queen elizabeth"When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future."

- Queen Elizabeth II

queen elizabeth"Perhaps we make too much of what is wrong and too little of what is right. The trouble with gloom is that it feeds upon itself and depression causes more depression."

- Queen Elizabeth II

sunset silhouette"We must meet the uncertainties of this world with the certainty of the world to come."

- A. W. Tozer

blocks"My theory on housework is, if the item doesn't multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you?"

- Erma Bombeck