Body of Christ Connection

Body of Christ ConnectionCybersalt's Body of Christ Connection links up persecuted followers of Jesus to their brothers and sisters living in faith and freedom around the world. Through this connection, both parties are able to experience/express concern and care for each resulting in more fulfilment of God's plan and desire for His children to love and care for each other.

This button will allow you to make a one time donation or set up a monthly donation to support the G family, who is being helped by PABC.

Money received before or on the 20th of a month (ie November) will be sent for the beginning of the next month (ie December.)


Body of Christ Connection - Tips for the PersecutedThank you for considering being willing to share your life with a brother or sister in Christ living for Jesus in freedom somewhere else in the world. As a part of the church, a member of the body of Christ, you can be used by God to be a blessing to someone who may be far away and living in different circumstances, but at the same time is still one with you because of the Holy Spirit who lives in you both.

As you begin this new connection, we've prepared these tips we think that will be helpful for you: