Rev. James Snyder sees that a busy world needs more laughter.Sunday greetings everyone!

Rev. James Snyder is a pretty funny guy, so who better to say that, "In A Busy World We Still Need To Take Time To Laugh." You can read more about that at:

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~ Pastor Tim

chicken thursday h penner 2Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

Thanks to H. Penner for today's chicken picture!

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~ Pastor Tim

Rev. James Snyder enjoys leftover blessings.Sunday greetings everyone!

Rev. James Snyder enjoys leftovers of the food type and the blessing type. You can read more about that in "I’m In Leftover Heaven" at:

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~ Pastor Tim

Creative Pursuits Block Puzzle MugOh look, Chicken Thursday!

I am happy to announce that Cybersalt has opened up an online store. One goal is to provide links to products I will be doing "unboxing" videos about and also to offer a place to eventually get Cybersalt swag from. However, my eldest daughter who works for Shopify is managing the store and adding fun products too - like this Creative Pursuits Block Puzzle Mug you can order at:

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~ Pastor Tim

Marriage and the New Year can be like a RodeoSunday greetings everyone!

Rev. James Snyder is facing the New Year like it's a rodeo - he also seems to face marriage like it is a rodeo too it seems. You can read more about that in "Back in the Saddle Again…and Again" at:

Also, a big thanks to Mary E. with another "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" example - this one being in Slovenian:
"Vesel božič, srečno novo leto"

Mary said I could add it to the list next year, but I decided to do it right away so I don't forget AND because I have to edit it because, as Rob M. and Jo B. pointed out, Walter Mclauren punked me with his version from Siam! Yes, I fell for it, lol, and maybe you can too. He said that the Siamese way to say "Happy New Year" was "Oh-wah ta-si ligu Siam." Just keep saying it over and over and you'll get it.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

some flags of the worldOh look, the first Chicken Thursday of 2018 - Happy New Year!

Sunday's Cybersalt Digest included an item that featured 40 ways to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in different languages. Well, it turns out there were some missing. Thanks to everyone who contributed more:

Jaco van W. wrote:

You forgot my home language Afrikaans: It is a beautiful language spoken in the most southern point of africa. In afrikaans, the translation is : “Geseënde kersfees en voorspoedige nuwe jaar”! Regards “groete”

 Liberté H. wrote:

You missed out Europe’s oldest living language..... Welsh.... happy new year is Blwyddyn Newydd dda..... to pronounce the dd sound you put your tongue as if you were going to say THE, only it is a longer gentle blow..... then to pronounce the LL letter (as they are both letters in their own right!) you put your tongue again to say THE only this time instead of gently blowing forwards you blow sideways.... as if you have a certain type of lisp.

And my neglected online friend, Walter M., wrote:

You know I like to jump on the least little possible error, like the Aztec Sun Stone, so I thought I would mention that "Shanah Tova" is something I have only heard in connection with the Jewish new year which was a little while ago.  It might be the same, but I'll have to check it out with my Messianic pastor friend.  You also left out my favorite language, Siamese.  Oh-wah  ta-si ligu Siam.

I'll be making updates to the original item.

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~ Pastor Tim

Happy New YearLast Sunday of the year greetings everyone!

There was an encouraging response to Thursday's announcement of the closed BOCC Facebook group. It's not closed as in "you can't still join." It's closed as in "It's not publicly viewable." If you are interested you can find out more and ask to be added at:

It being the end of the year, Rev. James Snyder has been remembering about memory and is looking forward. You can read more about that in "As The Old Year Fades, So Does My Memory" at:

And finally, since it's New Years Eve, it's time to bring out the New Years Dog page again:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing and Happy New Year!

~ Pastor Tim

Body of Christ ConnectionOh look, Chicken Thursday!

As we approach the end of the year, a number of the persecuted Christians and refugees that Cybersalt is connected with find themselves in ongoing trials and hardships. As a forum for sharing news and prayer requests about/for these families, I have created a closed Facebook Group. If you are interested in joining here is the link to the group:

Information about what the Body of Christ Connection is about and how you can participate or donate go to:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim


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