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It' that time of year again for the 'Minnesota Epidemic' which afflicts residents of Minnesota in almost epidemic proportions. The health risk that I speak of is the sudden movement of Minnesota football fans on and off the Viking Bandwagon.

SYMPTOMS: Much like 'the bends' ( a decompression sickness that affects divers) caused by the sudden dramatic movement on and off the figurative 'bandwagon' resulting in rapid mood swings.  From an unrealistic unhealthy emotional highs followed by just as unhealthy unrealistic lows. Typically these mood swings occur in 7 day intervals always centered around the Vikings game each weekend.

DORMANCY: While most years the symptoms remain dormant from January through mid August as most years the Vikings do not make the playoffs. Except for an occasional muttering.. the peak risk period of MVB is from September through December each year.

A CALL FOR COMPASSION: I don’t claim to be a medical professional, and so I honestly don’t understand this complex medical/mental condition, but I am writing you all because.. I care! Like the good book says .. when one suffers we all suffer, and when all rejoice we all rejoice together.  <pause> Since the Vikings have LOST 4 Super Bowls.. I FEEL YOUR PAIN even if I can’t relate since as my Packers have WON 4 Super Bowls.

TREATMENT: While this 'bandwagon condition' appears to have an addictive element, experts in this field (football field) say it is best dealt with by coming to grips with the following truths of life…

  1. Realize a winning streak of a few games is nice, but is not the same as a Super Bowl win... or even means you will make the playoffs.
  2. Losing streaks are disappointing, but are not as bad as losing let's say.. 4 Super Bowls!! Oh, sorry I guess the Vikes have done that too. My bad.
  3. and finally.. change your diet that is high in CHEESE

Like I mentioned before I am NOT a doctor (though I have slept at a Holiday Inn Express), but I believe coming to grips with the above 3 truths of life are great first steps into becoming healthy again.

Of course being a Packer fan we are often DELUSIONAL believing our team is always better than what they really are. But with 13 world championships including 4 Super Bowls.. it is easy to become delusional. but I digress..

please pray for those affected directly or indirectly by this epidemic. Pray for a healthy sports perspective that comes from knowing the one true God, or from a weekend in Wisconsin. Thank you for caring enough to read and consider this prayer. - Jeff