cactus1549The only reason this is "fun" is because everybody survived the ditching of US Airways Flight 1549 (Cactus 1549) and we all got a new hero - Pilot Chesley Sullenberger.  You have probably already heard an edited recording of the communications between the tower and that plane, but the actual, unedited, real-time recording gives a whole new perspective.  Give this 20 minute long recording a listen and hear for yourself.  Keep in mind that there are periods of complete silence when nobody is speaking, so if it sounds like nothing is playing, your computer is not broken - it's bearing testament to the time frame of what happened that day.

Control Tower Recording of US Airways Flight 1549

And, while you are listening you may like to watch out this awesome security camera footage showing the first 8 minutes after the A320 splashed down in the Hudson.  Jump forward to the 1:55 mark and you'll be just before the crash.