Because some people just can't cook.

Funny Pictures of Heinz Ketchup Label

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  • You've got mail

    You've Got Mail - Old School!

    AOL, eat your heart out:"You've got mail - old school!"
  • apathyparty

    Apathy Party

    Don't be a member of this party. Exercise your right to vote - if they'll let you.
  • Funny Pictures of Bicycle With Lots of Locks

    Bike Locks

    Buddy was a bit worried that his bike might be stolen.
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  Kissing Moose

    Cat Moose

    Whiskers had mouse for supper and moose for dessert.
  • Funny Pictures of Van In Pool

    Van Pool

    Jim was getting a long overdue explanation of how vanpools actually work.