FG_AUTHORS: Alyssa Davis

Inspired by Psalm 139:18b - I awake and I am still with you.
A PrayerI awake, and I am still with you,
Still because you never left, your presence does not rest when I do,
Still because your enveloping presence calms me and I am at peace.
When I wake I do not often think of you. For fear of falling back to sleep, I neglect stillness.
But I am yours - known completely by you before I had thoughts, before I ever cried, before I ever kicked. How great are your thoughts, O God, and how great your compassion - how gracious you are in light of our frailty, my frailty. I could die any night, and I could forget you any day, but daily you wake me and you remind me that You are.
Beloved God, draw me to be still with you, to awake with you, to spend my days with you. For now and always, Amen.

Used With Permission