I was wondering how this past week flew by without managing a post, because often that means I've been swamped with life or I've been overwhelmed in my mind or spirit and have nothing left to write about anything. I am happy to recognize that this past week has been very full, but not overwhelming.

Monday Matt and I spent the day skiing (me) and snowboarding (him) at Snow Valley, then had dinner with my Dad's side of the family. It was a beautiful day - I even got a bit of a sunburn on my face - and a really fun way to spend a day off together.

Tuesday was pancake dinner at the Anglican church. Matt got to meet the priest there, AND there were sausages! It was more than I hoped :)

Wednesday I went to my first Ash Wednesday service with imposition of ashes, and it was very moving. It was a beautiful way to begin the season of Lent (and yes, so far I've kept up with my readings!)

Thursday, Matt and I went to see one of our youth perform a play. She was charming and hilarious, so it was a fun night out.

Friday was youth group as usual, and I snuck a nap in the afternoon. Not that busy maybe, but when I have the chance to catch up on sleep or catch up on life, I try to choose sleep if I have to spend the next many hours with people - that's kinder to everybody!

Saturday I spent at Today's Teens Conference in Oakville and then fell asleep in the living room after dinner. It was an exhausting day but great to see tons of other youth leaders I know from across Toronto, and great speakers/sessions. I am looking forward to watching Cure for Love, a documentary that features the wedding of one of the speakers I heard yesterday, Brian Pengelly. His story is here, and I'd encourage you to read it! Here's how it ends:

Now people ask me to describe myself and I tell them that I am a Gay, Evangelical Christian Youth Pastor, who is married to a Lesbian. It always makes people do a double take, and some can't quite wrap their heads around it-but it is what best describes me. If I have learned anything it is that life is complex, and that people don't fit nicely into our boxes and labels.

I have embraced the complexity of my life, and integrated all the different parts into who I am today-.and I can honestly say that I am truly happy. I have learned through my journey that God loves me, and I am free to love Him back. I have learned to own my sexuality, and to make choices that fit what I believe and make sense to me. I finally feel like all the pieces fit. It's not that I have it all figured out, life is constantly changing, and there are always new pieces to figure out. People are complex, and life is weird sometimes, but God is Good, and He loves me. And the rest we figure out together.

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