Full Term! (37 Weeks)I’m still three weeks shy of my due date (so don’t get too excited :P ), but today marks the milestone that the Truck will not be born pre-term. From this point forward (up to 42 weeks), the baby will be considered full-term, so we are in a new phase of waiting, knowing that we could officially be parents any time but I could also still be posting pregnancy updates a month from now.

A man at our church offered the use of his timeshare to Matt and I for a few days this week since he only comes to it over a weekend, so we have enjoyed two nights away as not-yet-parents in a really nice timeshare for free! Matt spent yesterday snowboarding on the hill next door while I took it easy in the room and got some writing done.

We also made a visit to my Grandparents since we are so close and had a great night talking about babies and enneagram types.Full Term! (37 Weeks)I have been pretty good about not procrastinating my last-minute to-dos, helped along by bursts of nesting energy, but one thing I do need to handle when we get home is figuring out our camera in time for this baby coming on the scene! I have been meaning to figure out the settings and how to connect to the computer (if we even have a cord for that or need to buy one), but I haven’t had the motivation to deal with it lately, SO that’s going on my mental list, and there are a couple more supplies we need for our home birth. The hospital bag is packed though, baby clothes and blankets are washed and ready, and Matt will be installing our car seat in the next week or two. The calendar in our kitchen is filling up with appointments (I’ll see the midwife every week now, and I’m seeing a chiropractor twice a week), and I feel like I eat and sleep like a newborn in training.

My body is getting ready too – I’ve had braxton-hicks for the last few weeks that are becoming more frequent, and the baby is carrying really low. That’s great because it means it’s not going to flip out of position, and it’s also great because although I get lots of kicks to my ribs, my lungs and stomach still have enough room for me to breathe and eat more or less as normal.

I am so excited to meet this baby, but still savouring these final days and weeks of my body handling everything the Truck needs. I am also happy for every day I have to prepare my mind and our home for the changes ahead because I know in hindsight they will have gone by so quickly!

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