Important Site News

japanLike you, I have been particularly struck and moved by the devastation and horrible aftermath of the 8.9 earthquake, subsequent tsunami, and nuclear threat in Japan.

Throughout the day I pondered how appropriate it would be to send out the Cybersalt Digest in light of the magnitude of the suffering so grippingly relayed by video on the news. I soon decided that taking a day off in observation and respect to those who have been hit with so much would be the right thing to do.

I have figured out the newsletter viewing problem being reported by some users.

The problem: Some people who have subscribed to the Cybersalt Digest Newsletter have reported that the newsletter has been arriving with the correct subject but the body has been empty.

The Figuring: After sending out a special mailing to all subscribers using a address to try to figure out how widespread the problem is, one of those users (thanks W. Charles!) replied with the following information:

For a couple of months many of you who tried to manage your own subscriptions have gotten an erroneous message that said you could not resubscribe because you were "blacklisted." This error was due to the system not being able to send out confirmation e-mails. Over the weekend I finally found the fix and you'll be happy to know all of your reputations have been cleared!

Actually, it was interesting that some recipients of the error message realized there was a glitch somewhere while others e-mailed me ready for therapy because a computer had told them they had been bad.

In reality, if you unsubscribe from my newsletter system your address is added to a blacklist - a list of addresses not to be e-mailed. Of course, unsubscribing from my newsletters does not make you a bad person. It just means you aren't going to Heaven when you die. Honest, a little bird told me!

Speaking of not believing little birds, I think you'll enjoy the newest video in the FunBlog "Liar Bird" is an amazing video that reminds us that you should not believe everything you hear and that God had a great time creating stuff in the beginning. I hope you will watch this video because if you don't you might get blacklisted.