Facebook has rejigged itself again and is offering a whole bunch of new social media tools for webmasters to put on their sites. One of these tools is the "like" button. Think of it as a way for people to join your group (the old terminology was "fan page") more easily.

However, when I tried to use Facebooks' system to create the code for a like button to put on the Cybersalt site, it kept generating a "page not found" error where the button should be. I did some searching around and found what the problem was. Here's the fix that worked for me.

In the coding for the like button for your group, change page id parameter name to "id" instead of "profile_id".

As you can see from the like button below, it works. Now isn't this help good enough reason to "like" the Cybersalt Site?

You know what to do, lol!


Rev James Snyder videoPastor Tim has retired from pastoring local churches and is now working alongside his wife to help refugees and persecuted Christians.

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