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There's a week-long celebration this week in Branson, Missouri, when this tiny town, made famous with its family-friendly entertainment, rolls out the red carpet for Veterans Day--to honor and revere men and women who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States. Veterans come from all over the United States for a wonderful time of remembrance and honor of this special day in the land we love.

Now these wonderful men and women who have served us so honorably have two choices in life. They can celebrate--as they do--with vitality, vigor and victory--or they can vegetate somewhere in a dark, depressed cavern of lost memories, lost limbs and latent fears of the past, present and future. Some of them have been to hell and back--their war stories prove it--but they are alive, wonderful, fun-loving, God-and-country-loving people who grace our world...and we gladly honor them today!

There's another celebration taking place on Saturday, November 12--in Peggie's REAL place, when Father Time prepares to turn the time clock to another year of love, life and laughter. Now never mind the decade in which this wretched body has me captive--all I know is that I don't feel it, I don't . . .

"I give you thanks, O Lord, with all my heart."
Psalm 138:1 (NLT)

The Thanksgiving holiday is a good time to focus on our blessings and declare our gratitude to God.

In 1621, following harvest, the pilgrims set aside a time of Thanksgiving to God. Much like we enjoy a day with family and friends, they celebrated with deer and turkey hunted by the men, and corn, beans, and pumpkins the women cooked. Even the children gathered nuts and berries from the woods.

Indians joined the Pilgrims for a three-day feast. The Indians listened as the Pilgrims read the Bible and raised special prayers of thanksgiving to God. It was a happy time of fellowship in what we would consider very sparse surroundings. God was pleased and received their words of thanks.

However, thanks must become a daily, hourly, even a minute by minute occasion in our lives. Thanksgiving is woven through . . .

Where did life come from? There are only two main views: the Biblical (Creationist) view and the ?natural? view (Naturalism or Evolutionism). The Biblical explanation describes just the ?bare bones? of the event. God spoke and life appeared. The naturalist explanation is a long-winded theory with many variations, many assumptions, many leaps of faith, and absolutely no evidence.

It is universally agreed today by all mainstream scientists that life comes only from life. It was once thought that flies were spontaneously generated by dead meat, but observations soon proved that flies come only from flies. This of course begs the question as to where the first flies came from, but the naturalist leaps in here and says ?first life? came from non-living chemicals, and that eventually out of that flies formed millions of years later. Just how this happened is never convincingly explained.

Francis Crick, an evolutionist who shared a Nobel prize for discovering the structure of DNA could not believe in spontaneous generation of ?first life? on Earth, so he proposed that life came to Earth from outer space ? but this only shifted the problem one step further away. How did ?first life? appear somewhere else? There is no known mechanism in chemistry whereby non-living elements can form a . . .

There's a big beautiful oak tree in our back yard, its boughs heavy-laden with leaves--well, not any more! They will soon be falling--leaf by leaf--and covering the ground, crying out, "Residents--RAKE ME!" Now come on, SOMEBODY, let's rake leaves!

...the leaves of the HEART, that is! You see, far beyond that yard calling for our attention is a back yard that nobody sees--a yard surrounding the home where the King resides--and it's a mess! A yard full of yesterday's leaves never raked--long-held resentments, unforgiveness and pain; strong-holds of the past--sin, sorrow and safely- concealed strife. Not very attractive--but have no fear--the snow will soon cover up the unraked remains--no one will see, no one will ever know you never raked the leaves....

Not true! YOU know it, feel it, and subconsciously project it to those around you, believe it or not! Well, stop it! Get up and go out and rake the leaves! The Holy Spirit is a good supervisor and He will help you do the job! Bag them--and bring them to the Cross--every hurt, misunderstanding, past grievance, long-held bitterness; old, hanging-on hate; every fear, fault and failure. Let each die a proper death--at the Cross.

Then arise with new determination to welcome a new season . . .

Have you ever followed a bee around the garden, watching it enter flowers and lick up the nectar? Many flowers need bees for pollination, and bees need the flowers for nectar. These two creatures, plant and animal, need each other, and both would die out if it were not for the mutual services of the other.

The whole planet's biosphere is designed in this way, in a maze of complicated interactions, like one enormous machine. ?Biodiversity?, or 'the web of life? are names given to this interlocking interdependence, yet how many people consider its origin? Plants ?fix? nitrogen from the air, and add it to the soil; bacteria decompose humus, along with the help of worms and other recyclers of plant material. Humus feeds the plants, which also provide shelter and food to other creatures. Even the humble fungus is crucial to the planet's health.

Mycorrhizal (my-cor-rize-al) fungi have a mutually beneficial relationship with plants. As many as 90% interact with either general fungi, or specialized fungi. These fungi enable plants to obtain nutrients that would otherwise be insufficiently available ? the plants in turn provide carbohydrates for the fungi.

Because each plant or animal supplies . . .


Marcia Laycock is a pastor's wife and freelance writer living in Alberta Canada.  Her devotional book The Spur of the Moment has been endorsed by Janette Oke, Phil Callaway and others.  To order, and to view more of Marcia's writing, see her web site - www.vinemarc.com
Written By Richard Gunther.
Harris Dvores is a corporate lawyer in Orlando, Florida. But only from 9 to 5. For more than 20 years, he has pursued his passion to create: everything from Christian music and church skits, to Star Trek scripts and board games. His new website, www.harrisdvores.com, is a playground for the mind and spirit. A Jewish believer, Harris has been given truly amazing stories to share about the power of God.

Rev. Spence Laycock pastors at Church of the Open Bible, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada.

Pastor Bert Nieuwenhuis is the interim pastor at Somerset Bible Chapel, Manitoba, Canada.
Diane Davis, a former policewoman in Toronto, recently retired from a lengthy career as a civilian member of the Ontario Provincial Police.  Amongst many things, she is now turning her attention to writing, music, and her 5 grandchildren.  She is also Pastor Tim's mom.

Blog Writings by Melva Cooper.

Melva Cooper is a wife, mother and grandmother from Jonesboro, Arkansas. God has given her, in her retirement years, the ministry of writing for HIM. "Even in old age, you will still produce fruit" is a verse He has given her (Psalm 92:14). And it is her desire to serve Him all the days of her life.

Barbara, a Christian homemaker, began her Web Site through encouragement from her son, and a dream. It quickly became a ministry for the Lord. She began writing devotionals to encourage, inspire, and build up spiritually those coming to her site.  Barbara is a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.

Writing poetry that brings glory to God is Sandra's passion.  No matter where she has lived, or what she has gone through, she has found that God is always there before her to lead her in His paths and to catch her when she falls.  Married, with two sons two granddaughters on the way, Sandra's future goals include writing more poetry trying her hand at writing short devotionals for children.

Dr. Harold McNabb pastors at Westshore Presbyterian Church in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

"Ever feel as though life is a lions' den and like Daniel, you're right in the middle of it all? Enjoy these "Devotions from the Den" (Lions 'n Life at Peggie's Place) and delight in God's promises of love, joy and peace for whatever is happening in YOUR den today!"

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