Dear Pastor Tim,

I read the letter you mentioned (  Interesting.  I like your well stated reply.

With the Popeye "I yam what I yam," quote, I was expecting a "vegetable rights activist" writing in claiming the quote is somehow defaming relatives of the sweet potato.  (No relation to another Popeye comics character, Sweet Pea.)  After all, several US state do have laws against "produce disparagement".  They are states where you "don't 'disparagus' the asparagus".

A list member, who recently asked for instructions on how to manage her Cybersalt list subscriptions recently sent me this very humorous response to the detailed instructions I sent her.  Please understand that due to the size of some of my lists, I just don't have time to personally manage everyone's e-mail changes.  For the most part, the detailed instructions I send out to help solve people's subscription dilemmas themselves are very effective. 

Here is the note she sent me:

Pastor Tim:

Do you realize what it is like to be 62 years old & computer challenged & get a message like this one??????

By the time I read all this, I could have gone on to meet the Lord, you realize that don't you????????

LOL........I mean I am in the checkout lane now, dear boy.........I laughed & laughed reading all this.

I know you didn't mean it to be funny but to me it was.........Talk about Bill Gates not making anything easy for us?  Did you teach him?  Are you his pastor?

I don't need a Clean Laugh of the Day for today, this message was it!!!!!!

From Marilyn in Kansas