In response to James Snyder's article "Behold, the Christmas Grinch Cometh" kit***** left the following comment through the artciel commenting system:

"Isn't it a shame that Christmas came out of the desire of the early church to destroy the religious holidays of others?
How dare those other people want to celebrate their own holiday at Yuletide, instead of the deliberately misplaced date of the birth of your demigod.
Of course, I doubt you'll allow this comment - despite the church's acknowledgment of this , most Christians hate to be reminded of the true roots of their holy day's dishonesty."

I replied:

Dear Kit.

I read your comment and am copying it to James Snyder, who’s piece you were reading.  James recently lamented to me that he doesn’t get the negative feedback from his articles that I get from the jokes I send out in my newsletter so I am sure this will cheer him up and help him feel more included.

Kit, you are wrong that I won’t allow your comment because “most Christians hate to be reminded . . etc.”

I’m not allowing it because I don’t permit trolling on my sites.  People are welcome to leave comments of disagreement and argument on my sites but not if they suddenly spring out from under a bridge and start throwing insults because they alone own the mighty brook it crosses.

Just because a site has a comment section does not mean comments left should not be tactful, polite, and respectful of the human who is “hosting” the page you are reading.

If you and I were childhood friends and you had me over to your house for company and I thought your mom was a trampy whore it would be impolite of me to blurt out “I wrote on your wall that your mom is a trampy whore but I doubt you’ll leave it there.

Of course, I’ve never met your mom so I don’t know her – just as it seems you’ve never encountered the Jesus you call a demigod but whom I have personally experienced is fully God.

Having said the above, I do have a place on my site for feedback such as yours and I’ll gladly add it there [here in the Hall of Flames].


Pastor Tim